How to Propagate a ZZ Plant – Ultimate Guide

zz plant propagation and care

ZZ Plant has only one species that is known as Zamioculca zamiifolia and is a tropical type plant that comes from Africa. During the last few years, it has gained considerable popularity due to its particular appearance and above all because of the many properties, it contains. Learn all about how to propagate a zz

How to Propagate String of Pearls and Care

propagatin string of pearls and care

Senecio rowleyanus is the scientific name of the String of Pearls as this curious succulent is popularly known. It is named after Gordon Douglas Rowley, a British botanist known for his work with succulent plants. Learn all about How to Propagate String of Pearls and more in this post. String of Pearls Hanging Plant This

Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow – How to Fix

orchid yellow leaves

If you have an orchid with yellow leaves, it is logical and understandable that you are alarmed and think you might lose your orchid. Learn all about orchid leaves turning yellow in this article. I’ll tell you something, if you don’t act quickly you can lose your orchid, but if you detect what the problem

Plant Cuttings in Water – Propagation

pothos plant cuttings in water

The fastest way to get new plants for free is from cuttings in water. But for them to come out well and take root soon it is very important to take into account several things, otherwise, the fungi will proliferate and not take root at all. Learn all about plant cuttings in water in this

How to Take Care Venus Fly Trap – Guide

flytrap plant

Dionaea muscipula, better known as Venus fly trap, is native to North Carolina (USA), is the best known and preferred by people. With good care, it can live for many years. In this guide, we will explain all about how to take care of Venus fly trap plants. Their traps close and open 3 to

Feng Shui Plant Placement: Strategic Allies

feng shui zen

Boost your positive energy and wealth by knowing what plants are the best for the Feng Shui discipline and which ones you should get rid of right now!. Learn all about Feng Shui plant placement in this article. Also, I share how to balance the energy by correctly placing Feng Shui plants at home, in

Best Plants for Kitchen Ultimate Guide

kitchen plants

Besides the kitchen should be a practical and functional place, we need the kitchen to be a welcoming place. The kitchen is a meeting point, a meeting place for family and friends where share daily stories and prepare new dishes as a gratifying activity for many. Kitchen plants are key to transform and create a