Pink Begonia Maculata (Begonia Roseopunctata) Care & Propagation

pink begonia maculata begonia roseopunctata care and propagation

Pink Begonia maculata (Begonia roseopunctata) is the Pink Polka Dot Plant. The Begonia maculata is a complete houseplant: exotic, decorative, grateful, and with a special feature compared to those seen before: it produces beautiful flowers (oh yeah, even indoors!). Begonia Roseopunctata comes from the tropical areas of South America, and its scientific name is Begonia …

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Dracaena marginata Care Guide

dracaena marginata care guide

The Dracaena marginata is a houseplant very appreciated for its easy care and its beautiful appearance, but it also stands out for being part of the group of plants that can purify and clean the air of the rooms in which they are located, such as the pothos. If you want to enjoy this beautiful …

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How to Propagate Calathea – Ultimate Guide

how to propagate calathea ultimate guide

A beautiful tropical plant, Calathea is often nicknamed in some areas as the “peacock plant” because of the often-oblong shape of its leaves, which are decorated with a contrasting feather-like pattern. In addition, they close at night to reopen harmoniously every morning. Learn how to propagate and care Calathea in this article. The Calathea belongs …

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How to Care for a Rose of Jericho

how to care for a rose of jericho

The Rose of Jericho, also called Doradilla or resurrection plant, is a very curious plant, easy to care for even for the most inexperienced gardener. It is a plant full of curiosities and contradictions. First of all, the Jericho plant is attributed with magical properties and also the possibility of attracting good luck, which is …

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