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The Garden Style is our personal website, which aims to provide beneficial content about a range of gardening topics. Although this is a hobby for me and my wife, we can generate income by displaying ads and participating in one or more affiliate programs. In this section, we explain how the affiliations work. This is Affiliate Disclosure.

You may find some articles where we recommend certain products, such as specific seeds, gardening sleeves, or fertilizers, that we love to use in our garden! That is why we recommend it. We may receive a small commission (or not) when you purchase our gardening lists or the affiliate links on included within our articles at no additional cost to you. The price you pay is the same whether you use our links or not. There are no additional costs for you.

At, we are not directly compensated for providing positive opinions on products or services. The products we recommend are the products we previously used in our garden. We love to keep using them, and we have no complaints! That is why we recommend it. Advertisers do not influence our picks, and an independent process reviews the product.

Earning these commissions and advertisers fees allows us to maintain alive, continue with our mission to be the guiding companion of many, beginning with gardening activities, and help others to master their skills. Also, support us to be contributors to The Arbor Day Foundation, as well as, continue to be involved in different community gardens helping folks to grow their own food. Learn more about our community involvement in the About Us section at

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