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At TheGardenStyle, our mission is to empower and educate home gardeners of all levels to become Master Gardeners. Our goal is to provide expert-driven content to help you get the most out of your garden. Through our articles, growing guides, and plant care resources, The Garden Style aims to nurture your passion for gardening and give you the knowledge and confidence to grow a thriving, bountiful garden.

Our Mission

Our mission is to be your guiding companion on the path to beginning as a gardener and becoming a Master Gardener, one step at a time.

Our Passion for Gardening and Teaching

The Garden Style was born from a shared passion for organic horticulture and a desire to empower communities. Founders Julia and Henry Morgan, husband and wife, drew from their experiences working with farmer-producers, providing consulting services, and promoting sustainable food production practices across the country.

What started as an idea encouraged by satisfied clients evolved into a mission to cultivate gardening knowledge across generations. TheGardenStyle.com is a labor of love created by fellow enthusiasts with a vision to spread the joys and rewards of tending to thriving gardens.

Community Involvement

We are proud to be Members of the American Horticultural and Oak Societies.

The Garden Style is a contributor to The Arbor Day Foundation.

As part of our vision of building healthy communities, some of The Garden Style members provide service as gardeners volunteers at the Gardens of the Museum of American Heritage, Palo Alto, California.

Empowering Gardeners of All Levels

The Garden Style and TheGardenStyle.com members and founders contribute to teaching and supporting community gardeners, from beginners to experts across the USA, to grow their own food.

Why Choose The Garden Style?

What sets us apart is our commitment to sustainable and eco-friendly gardening practices, our focus on cultivating edible gardens, and our dedication to fostering a welcoming community where gardeners can connect, share, and learn from one another.

We Help You Create a Safe and Inviting Environment for Your Plants and For Families to Enjoy Gardening Activities

At The Garden Style, we help create nurturing garden sanctuaries that are safe for plants and children. Our guides equip you with the knowledge to cultivate lush, healthy spaces perfect for quality family time outdoors.

We Help Communities to Cultivate and Grow Their Own Food Supply

The Garden Style’s mission is to empower communities to grow their own food. Our resources provide tools to establish thriving vegetable gardens, orchards, and herb gardens, promoting self-sustaining food sources and environmental stewardship.

We Help Safeguarding Your Plants by Repelling Unwanted Pests

At The Garden Style, protect your garden from pests with our eco-friendly solutions. Our experts share knowledge on identifying pests, understanding life cycles, and implementing targeted organic methods to repel or eliminate invaders.

As Seen On

The Garden Style and the Morgans have been highlighted in prominent publications and websites.

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Featured in Leading Publications and Websites

Our informative content has been featured in leading publications and websites, such as Wikipedia, wikiHow, and The New School, as well as the book Venezuela, written by Cynthia Kennedy Henzel.

We’re proud to be recognized by trusted websites like SFGATE, The Planet D, House Digest, Santé+ Magazine, Archzine, and more.

Recognized by the Gardening Community and Experienced Gardeners

The gardening community recognizes The Garden Style for its commitment to providing accurate and valuable information. This recognition is evident through positive user reviews and engagement on platforms like Reddit, Quora, Premium Cultivars, and more.


Meet the Team

From writers to editors and the final publishers, the team goes the extra mile every day to ensure the highest-quality and most trustworthy content.

Henry Morgan – Founder and Lead Writer

henry morgan founder and lead writer at thegardenstyle

Henry Morgan, an agronomist and horticulture expert, is the founder of The Garden Style, a source for wholesale and retail plants in Arkansas.

Based in California, Henry provides organic gardening consulting services. Alongside his wife Julia, he shares his passion for gardening through TheGardenStyle.com, writing and aiming to educate and inspire fellow gardening enthusiasts.

Julia Morgan – Senior Gardening Content Writer and Master Gardener

julia morgan senior gardening content write at thegardenstyle

Julia Morgan, as an agronomist and a certified Master Gardener, focuses on writing and reviewing for The Garden Style.

Julia shares her passion for hands-on gardening and chemical-free produce through the site’s content and by assessing edible landscapes based in Visalia, CA.

The Editorial: Our Readers Deserve Perfection

Behind every beautifully crafted article is the meticulous eye of an editor to ensure that our content is not just informative but also a joy to read. The review team verifies all the data included in the article and makes sure it is correct.

The Website Wizard: For The Best User Experience

While our writers are experts in gardening, technology might not be their strong suit. Juan Bessonart from Design X Creativity is the genius who transforms our words into digital blooms and ensures everything runs smoothly for the best user experience.

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