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Welcome to The Garden Style Website. This is the place where gardeners unite! This is the “About Us” section. In this section, you will find why this website exists, our mission and value to the communities, who is behind every article, and why you should choose and join us!

We understand that gardening is more than a hobby; it is a true journey of discovery and self-sufficiency. Whether you have acres of land, a little greenhouse in your yard, or just a few pots on a balcony, we are here to provide you with the knowledge, inspiration, and practical advice you need to transform your outdoor or indoor space into a thriving garden paradise.

We are here to help you transform your space into a bountiful haven of fresh produce and gardening mastery. This website is the ultimate destination for green-thumbed enthusiasts aspiring to become master gardeners!

Join Henry and Julia Morgan and The Garden Style Community on a journey of growth, harvest, and delicious rewards!

About The Garden Style Website

At TheGardenStyle.com, we are passionate about turning soil, seeds, and sunshine into thriving gardens that feed the body and nurture the soul.

TheGardenStyle.com is seen as a trusted source for gardening information. The Garden Style Website has been featured in different online and print publications and communities.

thegardenstyle.com seen as trusted source for gardening information on publications and communities

Why We Create TheGardenStyle.com: The History About Henry and Julia Morgan

After moving from Michigan in 2000, Henry Morgan started working with farmer-producers in agricultural businesses selling wholesale fresh produce and retail plants in Van Buren, Arkansas.

At the same time, Julia provided horticultural consulting services in both Nantucket, Massachusetts and the West Coast, promoting organic food production among different companies.

Eventually, Julia and Henry established themselves in Visalia, California, offering consulting services for organic horticulture and the cure of edible land.

Later, friends and satisfied customers came up with this “The Garden Style idea“. They encouraged Henry to start a blog, but not with the purpose of pursuing new clients. The idea starts to encourage communities to cultivate their own food and become master gardeners in the process: knowledge to spread between generations.

As passionate as they were about gardening, Henry decided to create the site with fellow gardening enthusiasts in mind. He joins efforts with Julia (his wife and high-school lover), who adds didactics, improves Henry’s statements, and corrects his first-hand drafts.

That is how TheGardenStyle.com was born (or at least, the short story after all the tech tangles that Henry had to navigate to bring his project online).

Our Mission

At TheGardenStyle.com, our mission is to be your guiding companion on the path to beginning as a gardener and becoming a Master Gardener, one step at a time.

Our goal is to offer valuable, quality content that enriches our readers’ knowledge and answers their questions to help them enhance their gardening experiences.

Why Choose Us

At TheGardenStyle.com, our primary objective is to provide you, our readers, with accurate, original, and easily digestible information tailored for self-directed learning. Our articles are developed by experts who have vast authority and expertise on the topics.

We believe in the power of knowledge and strive to make complex topics accessible, helping you on your path to becoming an informed and skilled gardener. Whether you are looking for information for something simple, such as growing tulip bulbs or planting tomatoes in a large community garden for your neighbors, our commitment is to empower you with our expert guidance and advice, as well as The Garden Style Website Community.

At TheGardenStyle.com, we wholeheartedly invite our readers to engage with us through comments on this website’s article, Pinterest, and social media or by sending your question to our Community.


Meet the TheGardenStyle.com Team

Our TheGardenStyle.com Team, comprising dedicated enthusiasts from writers to editors and the final publishers, goes the extra mile to ensure the highest quality and trustworthy content.

Let’s introduce you to the talented and passionate team that makes our garden of knowledge bloom.

Our Gardening Gurus Writers: Henry Morgan and Julia Morgan

🌱 With decades of hands-in-the-dirt experience, Henry and Julia Morgan are the greenest thumbs you will ever meet. These gardening specialists are the heart and soul of TheGardenStyle.com, sharing their wisdom tips (well-tested and reliable) and connecting with the audience who share the same love. Love for nurturing plants to help you become the master gardener you aspire to be.

Check out our background and field of expertise.

The Fellow Gardening Enthusiasts As Contributors

The fellow gardening enthusiasts from TheGardenStyle.com Community are members and also content contributors. Their valuable comments on our blog posts, social media, interviews, and e-mails enrich the content of this website and the experience of our readers.

Between writers and community contributors, they provide expertise in the fields of agriculture, farming, and horticulture, creating a team that comprises agricultural engineers, farmer-producers, and horticulturists with a wealth of expertise. It is truly a Dream Team!

The Editorial: Our Readers Deserve Perfection

📝 Behind every beautifully crafted article is the meticulous eye of an editor to ensure that our content is not just informative but also a joy to read. The review team verifies all the data included in the article and makes sure it is correct.

The Website Wizard: For The Best User Experience

🔧 While our writers are experts in gardening, technology might not be their strong suit. Jay B. from DesignXcreative is the genius who transforms their words into digital blooms and ensures everything runs smoothly for the best user experience.

meet the team the garden style website

About The Website Content

Each article we share has been meticulously reviewed to make sure you can reliably recreate these gardening tips. Some of the categories you find on this website are:

  • Care and composting
  • Cacti and succulent plants
  • Flowers
  • Indoor gardening
  • Pest control in the garden
  • Growing food and hydroponic cultivation
  • Lawn and outdoor gardening
  • Rainscape and landscape design (water-efficient landscape and a drought-tolerant landscape design, such as xeriscaping)
  • Vertical gardens and hanging plants
  • Home and farming – coming soon!

About Support and Affiliations

You may find some articles where we recommend specific gardening items (such as seeds, fertilizers, gardening sleeves, soil, etc.). These are all items we previously used in our garden. We love to keep using them, and we have no complaints! When you purchase our gardening lists or the affiliate links included within our articles, we may receive a small fee (or not) at no additional cost to you. However, advertisers do not influence our picks, and an independent process reviews the product. Read more on The Garden Style Affiliate Disclosure page.

Commissions allow us to maintain and grow this site. It also allows us to advance our mission and community involvement by reaching out and helping more members of the Garden Style Community.

TheGardenStyle.com is not a partnership.

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At TheGardenStyle.com, we wholeheartedly invite you to engage with us and be a valuable member of our Community.

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Ask a Question to Solve Your Problem

Your questions and thoughts are always welcome. If you have questions, please use the comment fields available at the end of each article to ask any questions you may have about the post. Due to the number of emails we receive, we may not be able to respond to every request. So, we encourage readers to send their questions in the comment section. Keeping them within the public comments enables others to learn from those questions, too. It provides the Community the chance to engage in discussions and share the best practices.

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We encourage open dialogue on our posts by leaving comments in a dedicated section at the end of each article to exchange valuable insights.

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The Garden Style website connects with Community members in collaborative projects to share their best practices with the rest of the members of our Community.

Contact for Business-Related Information

If you have business-related matters, please feel free to reach out via direct email at [email protected]. Read more in the Contact section.

About Our Community Involvement

We are proud to be Members of the American Horticultural and Oak Societies.

TheGardenStyle.com is a contributor to the The Arbor Day Foundation.

As part of our vision of building healthy communities, some of The Garden Style members provide service as gardeners volunteers at the Gardens of the Museum of American Heritage, Palo Alto, California.

Your Gardening Journey Starts Here

Here, you will find a community of like-minded gardeners. Your thoughts, insights, and feedback are invaluable to us as we continuously strive to enhance your experience on our website.  

Thanks again for being here and becoming a valuable member!

about the garden style website

“Gardening for the first time? Just EXPLORE, EXPERIENCE, AND EMBRACE your garden challenges that will lead you to a better place.”      

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“My dream was always to start an organic gardening revolution.”  

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