Yellow Leaves on Honeysuckle: How to Fix It

yellow leaves on honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a plant easily found in many gardens because it is an ideal plant for covering unsightly walls and outbuildings. In addition, honeysuckle brings a delicious scent and attracts hummingbirds. Occasionally, yellow leaves on honeysuckle will appear, which is a sign of a problem your plant is having. What Causes Honeysuckle Leaves to Turn …

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Chinese Evergreen Yellow Leaves: How to Fix It

chinese evergreen yellow leaves how to fix it

Chinese evergreen (Aglaonema) is a very popular houseplant among gardeners due to its easy care. However, it is a houseplant that does not require much care. Occasionally, the Chinese evergreen presents yellow leaves due to certain factors. The most common causes of Chinese evergreen leaves turning yellow are watering stress, improper lighting conditions, pests, diseases, …

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Aglaonema Commutatum Variegated

aglaonema commutatum variegated

If you love indoor plants, you will love Aglaonema commutatum Variegated. A member of the family Araceae, Aglaonema genus, Aglaonema commutatum Variegated originates from the Philippines, Sulawesi (Indonesia), and New Guinea. This plant features lance-shaped green leaves measuring approximately 8” (20 cm) in length and 2” (5 cm) in width, adorned with green and white …

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How Far Apart to Plant Zucchini

how far apart to plant zucchini

You probably want to plant zucchini, but before planting the zucchini, you have the following question: How far apart to plant zucchini? Don’t worry in this article I will explain how far you should plant zucchini whether you grow zucchini in raised beds, trellis, or cages. With a few zucchini plants you can obtain many …

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What Plants to Grow for Chickens

what plants to grow for chickens guide

I have several chickens in the backyard to be self-sufficient with eggs. If you have chickens, you will know that feed is not cheap at all, but fortunately, there are several plants you can grow to feed your chickens. In addition, these plants provide many nutrients for your chickens. In this article, you will learn …

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What Plants Keep Wasps and Bees Away

what plants keep wasps and bees away guide

We all know that wasps and bees are essential for plants to be pollinated. Without pollination there will be no seeds and in some cases no fruit, as in the case of cucumbers and tomatoes.  But if you don’t want to have wasps and bees near your home, this article on what plants keep wasps …

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Kalanchoe Calandiva Plant (Widow’s-thrill)

kalanchoe calandiva plant widow's-thrill

Kalandiva or Kalanchoe calandiva plant, known as Widow’s-thrill plant, is a hybrid of Kalanchoe blossfelda, and belongs to the family Crassulaceae. This article summarizes how to grow and care for Kalanchoe calandiva plant (Widow’s-thrill), Caladiva propagation, and blooming troubleshooting. The Kalandiva or Widow’s-thrill plant is commonly known as Calandiva and is a perennial succulent plant …

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