How to Care for Sundews (Drosera) – Guide

how to care for sundews drosera guide

The Sundews (Drosera) is a perennial plant. It has a rosette shape. Its leaves are covered with sticky hairs that trap prey, mainly insects. Learn all about how to care for Sundews in this article. The sticky liquid is called mucilage. After it touches them, the prey is trapped in the sticky mucilage that prevents …

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Oxalis triangularis Care – Guide

oxalis triangularis care guide

Oxalis triangularis, also called false shamrock, or love plant, has this last name particularly appropriate, as it is a uniquely beautiful plant that is especially striking when kept in optimal conditions. However, it is a somewhat climate-delicate plant and is not always easy to care for, especially if its needs are not known. Learn all …

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