How to Propagate Azalea – Step by Step

how to propagate azalea step by step

Planting and obtaining new azalea plants is very simple. They can be propagated by sowing their seeds or propagating cuttings. Learn all about how to propagate azalea in this article. The azalea is an ideal plant for covering large spaces, because, depending on its variety, it spreads widely to the sides. In spring it will …

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How to Propagate Lantana – Guide

how to propagate lantana 2021 guide

Lantana can be propagated, indistinctly, by seed or planted through cuttings. This last method is used when we want to obtain identical characteristics to the mother plant, with the same genetic load, the same bush bearing an identical coloration in its flowers. With seeds, mostly hybrids, the future seedling may get the genes of one …

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African Daisy from Seed – Step by Step

african daisy from seed

They are beautiful, colorful, and very easy to care for. Gerberas are flowering plants that return every year to gardens or patios to beautify them throughout the season. And they are also very economical. But… would you like to have many of them paying very little? Get a packet of seeds. Learn all about African …

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How To Grow Snapdragons From Seed

how to grow snapdragons from seed

How To Grow Snapdragons From Seed Snapdragon plants (Antirrhinum) can be propagated from cuttings, root division, and seeds. They cross-pollinate easily, so if you sow seed collected from a parent snapdragon, the resulting infant plant is not guaranteed to be true to type, and the color of the flowers may be completely different. In this …

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