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How to Propagate String of Pearls and Care

Senecio rowleyanus is the scientific name of the String of Pearls as this curious succulent is popularly known. It is named after Gordon Douglas Rowley, a British botanist known for his work with succulent plants. Learn all about How to Propagate String of Pearls and more in this post.

String of Pearls Hanging Plant

This succulent has its origin in South Africa. It has spherical leaves that look like grapes. It rarely produces small and very little showy white flowers. This plant is usually cultivated in the interior although it supports perfectly the life outside provided that the temperatures are not very extreme. In summer it is advisable to avoid direct sunshine in the central hours of the day because it will lose some of its green colors and take a reddish or brown. Let’s continue with Propagating String of Pearls.

propagate string of pearls

Propagate String of Pearls

We have three ways to propagate String of Pearls

By Water: I have been trying this form and it was successful, this succulent can be multiplied by water. They only leave cuttings in a container with water after letting them heal for a few days and if they can put a stolon inside, after a few days or a week they will have beautiful roots inside!

By Stolon: Stolons are found in the stems, they look like aerial roots. They must support them in the substrate and there they will take hold and begin to multiply.

By Division of Stems: They can divide string of pearls into stems with roots and dump them into new containers with the appropriate substrate and ready.

senecio rowleyanus

String of Pearls Care


It needs to receive a lot of indirect light although a few hours of direct sunshine will also do it well. The best time for the String of pearls “to take the sun” are the hours where the rays have less force since this way, we will avoid that we burn the plant.

lighting string of pearls

Temperature for String of Pearls

String of pearls is comfortable in temperatures between 60.8°F or 77°F (16 °C and 25 °C) In other words, it likes warm climates.

It has no problem with withstanding higher temperatures as long as we can adapt its watering needs to the force of heat.

However, what he cannot tolerate are temperatures below 50°F (10°C). If we subject it to the cold we risk that its growth will stop or it will lose all its leaves.

How To Water String of Pearls

For me the most delicate point. As a general rule, Senecio Rowleyanus needs little water because it is a succulent plant, it stores reserves in its leaves and therefore an excess of watering does not favor it.

Moreover, it is sensitive to root rot so I recommend that you water it moderately and only when the substrate is completely dry.

how to water string of pearls

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