Kalanchoe Calandiva Plant (Widow’s-thrill)

kalanchoe calandiva plant widow's-thrill

Kalandiva or Kalanchoe calandiva plant, known as Widow’s-thrill plant, is a hybrid of Kalanchoe blossfelda, and belongs to the family Crassulaceae. This article summarizes how to grow and care for Kalanchoe calandiva plant (Widow’s-thrill), Caladiva propagation, and blooming troubleshooting. The Kalandiva or Widow’s-thrill plant is commonly known as Calandiva and is a perennial succulent plant …

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Adromischus cristatus Crinkle Leaf Plant – Care Guide

Adromischus cristatus Crinkle Leaf Plant

The Adromischus genera (Crassulaceae family) include numerous species that have distinctive leaves, like Adromischus cooperi, often with purple spots and a curiously wavy margin. The genus Adromischus includes about thirty species and the name is derived from the Greek “adros” (abundant) and “mischòis” (stem).  They have very fleshy oval leaves that are light green or …

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Gymnocalycium Cacti: How to Grow and Care

gymnocalycium cacti how to grow and care

Gymnocalycium is small, easy-to-care-for cacti that, despite their small size, have enormous decorative potential thanks to their showy flowers. Since they are undemanding in their care and can be grown in almost any corner, they are very popular for decorating all kinds of spaces. If you want to learn about the care of Gymnocalycium to …

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