How Far Apart to Plant Zucchini

how far apart to plant zucchini

You probably want to plant zucchini, but before planting the zucchini, you have the following question: How far apart to plant zucchini? Don’t worry in this article I will explain how far you should plant zucchini whether you grow zucchini in raised beds, trellis, or cages. With a few zucchini plants you can obtain many …

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What Plants to Grow for Chickens

what plants to grow for chickens guide

I have several chickens in the backyard to be self-sufficient with eggs. If you have chickens, you will know that feed is not cheap at all, but fortunately, there are several plants you can grow to feed your chickens. In addition, these plants provide many nutrients for your chickens. In this article, you will learn …

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What Plants Keep Wasps and Bees Away

what plants keep wasps and bees away guide

We all know that wasps and bees are essential for plants to be pollinated. Without pollination there will be no seeds and in some cases no fruit, as in the case of cucumbers and tomatoes.  But if you don’t want to have wasps and bees near your home, this article on what plants keep wasps …

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Purple Leaf Plum Tree Pros and Cons [Guide]

purple leaf plum tree pros and cons guide

Purple leaf plum tree (Prunus cerasifera) also known as myrobalan plum or cherry plum is a beautiful flowering tree that is very nice to decorate gardens. This tree is relatively small and produces beautiful flowers that will stand out in any garden. Continue reading to learn more about purple leaf plum tree pros and cons. …

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Pumpkin Sprouts: Growing and Benefits

pumpkin sprouts growing and benefits

What Are Pumpkin Sprouts? The majority of people plant pumpkin seeds to grow pumpkins for Jack O’Lanterns and seasonal treats. Others raise them for winter food. However, some people grow sprouts of pumpkin seeds to eat. Not all pumpkin seeds are ideal for sprouting, which is why this article will also recommend the best seeds …

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Clover Fertilizer: How and When to Fertilize

clover fertilizer how and when to fertilize

Clover is a legume that grows easily in any garden. Many species of clover produce yellow, white, or pink flowers. Clover does not usually require nitrogen-rich fertilizer because it can obtain it from the atmosphere. Continue reading to learn all about clover fertilizer in this article. Having clovers in the garden is beneficial to the …

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