Can Goats Eat Tomatoes? Reduce Animal Feed Costs

can goats eat tomatoes reduce animal feed costs

Goats are curious and explore various food options to determine their preferences. As the owner of two goats, I know what it is like to worry about the goats’ diet, as they are such snooping animals they may eat anything from my garden. On the other hand, with steadily rising feed costs, it is of

What Plants to Grow for Chickens

what plants to grow for chickens guide

I have several chickens in the backyard to be self-sufficient with eggs. If you have chickens, you will know that feed is not cheap at all, but fortunately, there are several plants you can grow to feed your chickens. In addition, these plants provide many nutrients for your chickens. In this article, you will learn

How Many Eggs Per Day Do Chickens Lay

how many eggs per day do chickens lay

How Many Eggs Per Day Do Chickens Lay? This a simple question, with a slightly complicated answer. When planning the hen cycle, an important consideration is egg production. The short answer is that depending on the hen breed will lay more or fewer eggs per year. The best breeds of laying hens lay about 350