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How to Care for Indoor Plant a Basic Guide

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Today we bring you a basic guide to the indoor plants care. Those minutes you spend caring for them will be more productive if you know tips and advice on how to enjoy their splendor for longer. Learn all about how to care for indoor plant in this article.

How to Care for Indoor Plant: Location, Light, and Temperature

We already know that the location of our plants and flowers is vital to your well-being.

A- Choose a place with good lighting, away from cold and hot air currents.

B- As the days go by, you will see if the place chosen is the most suitable one.

C- If you notice any changes in the plant, such as its leaves turning yellow or falling off unexpectedly, you can choose to change the location.

D- You can try out several locations until you find the one that is right for your plant.

E- The best temperature for a houseplant is between 59-77 °F (15-25 °C)

How to Care for Indoor Plant

Amount and Frequency of Watering

It will depend on the time of year we are. But in general, they need less water than outdoor plants because houseplants are more protected.

A- Look at your plant’s soil. This is the most valuable advice. If it is dry, water it. If the soil is still moist, you can leave it for a few more days.

B- In the summer, watering every day is the norm.

C- In colder seasons, one watering per week or even more is sufficient.

D- It is preferable to water less frequently but with a more abundant watering. This way the water will reach all parts of the substrate.

E- Excess water is the most frequent cause of plant death.

F- If, after watering your plant, you realize that there is excess water left in the dish, it is best to remove it.

How to Care for Indoor Plant: Pots Suitable for your Plant

The pot is the home of your plant. That is why it is important to choose it well.

A- Choose pots with good drainage and breathable material.

B- If your plant has grown in size, it will need to be transplanted to a larger one.

houseplants pots

Food for your Houseplants

If you want to enjoy bright and lively plants, remember to fertilize them from time to time.

A- As a general rule, from spring to autumn, you can use a liquid fertilizer every 15 days together with water.

B- Check the recommendations on the packaging and follow them so that your plant is not affected by the misuse.

indoor plants

Cleaning your Indoor Plants

The plants also need a series of cares to keep them clean and shiny.

A- You should remove dry leaves that fall into the potting soil.

B- As the days go by, the leaves of your plants accumulate dust. You can remove them with a cloth wet with water. Your plant will gain in luminosity and will be able to breathe without difficulty.

C- If your plants have small leaves, the best thing to do is to spray them and shake them carefully to remove the dirt.

D- Once you know these basic and general recommendations, the most appropriate thing to do is to inform yourself about your plants in particular. Perhaps they need some specific care, different from the rest of the plants.

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