How to Get Rid of Mushrooms in Mulch

how to get rid of mushrooms in mulch

Most gardeners use mulch to promote moisture retention and prevent weed growth. And that’s good. However, occasionally, you may see mushrooms growing in your mulch because it is organic matter. In addition to not looking aesthetically pleasing in the garden, some mushrooms can be dangerous to children and pets, making it imperative to eliminate them. …

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Honeysuckle Fertilizer: How and When to Fertilize

honeysuckle fertilizer how and when to fertilize

Honeysuckle is a beautiful, low-maintenance plant with beautiful flowers and fragrance. Pollinating insects and hummingbirds are attracted to honeysuckle flowers and further embellish the garden. Like all plants, honeysuckle needs nutrients to bloom abundantly. In this article, I will explain everything about choosing the best honeysuckle fertilizer according to your soil and plant age. I …

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Yellow Leaves on Honeysuckle: How to Fix It

yellow leaves on honeysuckle

Honeysuckle is a plant easily found in many gardens because it is an ideal plant for covering unsightly walls and outbuildings. In addition, honeysuckle brings a delicious scent and attracts hummingbirds. Occasionally, yellow leaves on honeysuckle will appear, which is a sign of a problem your plant is having. What Causes Honeysuckle Leaves to Turn …

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The BEST Time to Water Plants: Water Wisely!

best time to water plants

Water is fundamental for the development and growth of all plants. Correctly watering plants will allow your plants to grow and thrive. In addition to providing the right amount of water according to the plant’s needs, the timing of watering is crucial. Learn the best time to water plants and start doing it right. Throughout …

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Orange Edible Mushrooms: Identification Guide

orange edible mushrooms guide

There are many edible orange mushrooms. Throughout this article, I explain how to identify edible orange mushrooms. You will find high-quality photographs to identify the edible orange mushrooms correctly. In addition, at the end of this post, you will find a video to recognize even easier edible orange mushrooms. Generally, edible orange mushrooms appear in …

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How Often to Water Japanese Maple

how often to water japanese maple

Our readers always send us their questions through the contact form, and a recent question from readers is how often to water Japanese Maple. The watering frequency for a Japanese Maple tree (Acer palmatum) depends on several factors, such as the climate, soil type, pot size (if it’s a container plant), and the tree’s age. …

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