Secrets of the Monkey Face Orchid: You Won’t Believe Your Eyes!

secrets of the monkey face orchid

Surely, you have heard of the popular Dracula Orchids. This genus stands out and attracts everyone’s attention due to its animal appearance. In today’s content, we will explain one of the best-known species of this genus, the Monkey Face Orchid or Monkey Orchid, which is scientifically known as the Dracula simia. This is our updated

Are Orchids Edible? Are Orchids Poisonous?

are orchids edible are orchids poisonous

Many people ask us if orchids are edible, that is why we created this article to explain everything in detail about whether orchids are edible. Also, in this article we will answer all these questions: Are Orchids Edible? Are Orchids Poisonous to Humans? Are Orchids Poisonous to Animals? Are Moth Orchids Poisonous to Cats? And

Peristeria elata: How to Grow Peristeria elata Orchid Flower of The Holy Spirit

holy spirit peristeria elata flower

The Orchid Dove Peristeria elata Flower of the Holy Spirit: Care and Cultivation Peristeria elata, the national flower of Panama, also known as the flower of the Holy Spirit, is an orchid. Why is it called the flower of the Holy Spirit? The Peristeria elata resembles a white dove, belongs to the orchid genus Peristeria,

Masdevallia Orchids – The Most Complete Guide

masdevallia orchids the most complete guide

Masdevallia orchids are another orchid genus perfect for growing in gardens and indoors, providing the room with a decorative and eye-catching element. It is a plant that is characterized by having small petals and presents a diversity of colors that vary from lighter shades to darker ones such as red. In today’s article of The

Brassavola Orchids – The Most Complete Guide

brassavola orchids the most complete guide

Brassavola is a genus of small orchid species, characterized by a beautiful whitish color in its main flower. It is one of the orchids that we can grow at home and that resembles the famous Cattleyas distributed throughout South America. If you are looking for information about Brassavola Orchids we will explain everything you need

The National Flower of Colombia: History and Significance

the national flower of colombia cattleya trianae

What is the national flower of Colombia? Colombia, like most countries, has its patriotic symbols, among these, can be considered its flag, anthem, national animal, national flower, and any other natural or material element that helps the representation of that place. Continue reading to learn all about Colombia national flower. History and Culture of Colombia

Blue Orchid – Characteristics and Meaning

blue orchid characteristics and meaning

The blue orchid is a spectacular plant. It has a very large and beautiful flower. The intense blue color of its flowers together with the green of its leaves make it very showy and make it an ideal plant to give as a gift. Many people compare them with roses, although they have nothing to

Yellow Orchid – Characteristics and Meaning

yellow orchid characteristics and meaning

The yellow orchid has a very special meaning. Its bright yellow color reminds us of sunlight. Color is full of hope and vitality. Without any doubt, the yellow orchid has a superstitious aspect. Today, there are still many people who are guided in life through the superstitions they have. Yellow Orchid Meaning The meaning of

Terrestrial Orchids – Complete Growing Guide

terrestrial orchids complete growing guide

In this article, we will talk about terrestrial orchids. We will start with the definition and characteristics of this type of orchid, to continue with their habitat and origin. We will finish with the basic care that you should give to orchids of this type. Characteristics Of Terrestrial Orchids Terrestrial orchids, or ground orchids, are