Yellow Orchid – Characteristics and Meaning

yellow orchid characteristics and meaning

The yellow orchid has a very special meaning. Its bright yellow color reminds us of sunlight. Color is full of hope and vitality. Without any doubt, the yellow orchid has a superstitious aspect. Today there are still many people who are guided in life through the superstitions they have. Yellow Orchid Meaning The meaning of …

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Terrestrial Orchids – Complete Growing Guide

terrestrial orchids complete growing guide

In this article, we will talk about terrestrial orchids. We will start with the definition and characteristics of this type of orchid, to continue with their habitat and origin. We will finish with the basic care that you should give to orchids of this type. Characteristics Of Terrestrial Orchids Terrestrial orchids, or ground orchids, are …

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How to Prune Orchids – Step by Step Guide

how to prune orchids step by step guide

Orchids are one of the most sought-after species by plant lovers. This is also due to their beautiful flowers. Therefore, if you have an orchid at home and do not know how to treat it in the following content, we will explain step by step how to prune orchids to bloom. It is important to …

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Monkey Face Orchid – Most Complete Guide

monkey face orchid most complete guide

Surely you have heard of the popular Dracula Orchids, a genus that stands out and attracts everyone’s attention due to its animal appearance. In today’s content, we will explain one of the best-known species of this genus, the Monkey Face Orchid which is scientifically known as the Dracula simia. The Monkey Face Orchid is one …

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Mexican Orchids – The Most Complete Guide

mexican orchids the most complete guide

Mexico is a country located in North America, noted for its mountain and jungle landscapes where it is possible to find a variety of orchids native to Mexico. It is said that there are more than 250 species distributed throughout Mexico. Learn all about Mexican orchids in this article. Therefore, in this content we will …

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Venezuelan Orchids – The Most Complete Guide

venezuelan orchids the most complete guide

Venezuela, a country located in South America, stands out for its natural attractions such as orchids. The orchid species Cattleya Mossiae was named the National Flower of Venezuela, becoming an ornamental symbol for the country. If you are looking for information about Venezuelan Orchids in this content you will find what you need. In this …

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Colombian Orchids – The Most Complete Guide

colombian orchids the most complete guide

Colombia is a country located in South America and is one of the countries with a variety of species distributed throughout the territory. Colombian Orchids are one of the most important floras for the nation, even a species of the Cattleyas genus belongs to one of the national symbols of Colombia. If you are looking …

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