National Flower of Portugal – Guide

national flower of portugal guide

In the country of Portugal, the most representative of the nation is lavender, which has different uses, one of the most typical being the creation of aromas. In this article, we will tell you all about the National Flower of Portugal. This plant belongs to the Lamiaceae family, which has a bushy appearance with woody, …

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National Flower of Puerto Rico: All About It

national flower of puerto rico all about it

To know the national symbols it is necessary to dig a little into the past and the facts that are known today, in this article we seek to give information about some interesting details of each country, and today it was Puerto Rico’s turn. Learn all about National Flower of Puerto Rico in this article. …

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National Flower of Italy – Guide

national flower of italy guide

The national flower of Italy is the daisy, which was chosen as such because it was the favorite flower of Queen Margherita of Savoy. The National Flower of Italy – Information, Description, and Appearance Bellis perennis, also known as daisy, grow up to 2″-8″ (5- 20 cm) in height. Its ovate leaves are collected in …

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National Flower of Ukraine – Guide

national flower of ukraine guide

In this article, we will talk about the national flower of Ukraine. Surely by now, you have seen many pictures of Ukrainian civilians and soldiers with sunflowers and that is because it is their national flower. What is The National Flower of Ukraine The national flower of Ukraine is the sunflower as mentioned above. The …

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National Flower of Spain – Guide

national flower of spain guide

The carnation is an authentic icon within Spanish culture. The Dianthus caryophyllus, which means the flower of the gods, is one of the flowers most closely linked to Spanish folklore, especially in the south of Spain due to its use in festivals such as the famous April Fair in Seville. In addition, the language of …

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Prune Gardenia Plants (Gardenia jasminoides): How to Prune Gardenias and When to Prune Gardenias

prune gardenia jasminoides how to prune gardenias and when to prune gardenias

Any plant for productive or ornamental use requires care that includes watering with good drainage, fertilizers, particularly plant with flowers and or fruits, and, of course, the control of its growth by pruning and trimming when is needed and at the right season of the year. Gardenia, also known as Jasmine, is not the exception. …

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How To Care for Rhododendrons – Guide

how to care for rhododendrons guide

The rhododendron is a shrub that, although less known to the general public, is a star among gardening enthusiasts. The keys to its popularity are its beautiful flowering and its great resistance, resulting in a great ally for any garden or green space, which also needs little care. If you want to learn how to …

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Rockrose Plant: Care and Characteristics

rockrose plant care and characteristics

Cistus is a genus of shrubby plants very appreciated by gardening enthusiasts, and besides being very decorative, they can be grown both indoors and outdoors in areas with temperate climates. If you want to learn more about the care of the rockrose plant and its characteristics, join us in this article in which you will …

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