How to Get an Orchid to Bloom Again – Guide

how to get an orchid to bloom again guide

In this article, we will explain how to get an orchid to bloom again. Sometimes we can’t get our orchid to bloom again but here you will learn how to solve this problem. Orchids are a whole genus of beautiful flowering plants, highly valued ornamentally precisely because of the great variety in the shapes and …

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How to Grow Clematis – Ultimate Guide

how to grow clematis ultimate guide

Clematis are generally deciduous climbers (although there are also some evergreen varieties). It is not the stems but the leaf petioles that are rolled up, so it is essential to provide them with adequate support (trellis, wire fences, etc…). Most varieties are resistant to frost. Learn all about how to grow Clematis in this article. …

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Summer Bulbs – Best Bulbs to Plant for Summer

summer bulbs best bulbs to plant for summer

When temperatures start to rise it is time to plant the bulbs that bloom in summer, a wide range of beautiful flowers that will give life and color to our gardens, terraces, and homes. Learn all about summer bulbs in this article. Amaryllis Native to South and Central America, Hippeastrum x ackermannii is one of …

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How to Care for Lilies – Updated Guide

how to care for lilies updated guide

Lilies are a type of flower that can usually be seen when the light and warm seasons arrive. They stand out for their colorful colors, shape, and even for their symbolism! This article is designed to learn how to care for lilies and plant them. There are many types of lilies, although the most common …

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How To Care for Vinca Flowers – Beautiful Flowers

how to care for vinca flowers beautiful flowers

In this article, we will explain how to care for Vinca a perennial spreading vine with flowers in shades ranging from blue to purple, during the spring until the first weeks of the fall season. It is native to southern Europe and North Africa.  Non-flowering stems grow along the ground, while flowering stems are held …

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Best Soil for Orchids – Healthy Orchids

best soil for orchids healthy orchids

All orchids need good orchid soil to support good growth and root function. Without this component, orchids are not able to absorb the water and nutrients they need. Learn all about the best soil for orchids in this article. What are the properties of good orchid soil? To begin with, it has to be firm …

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How to Propagate Lavender – Step by Step

how to propagate lavender step by step

In this article today you will learn how to propagate lavender, (Lavandula officinalis) is a plant known since the time of the Romans, used as a perfume, in soaps, as a medicinal plant, and also in the garden as a plant to attract bees and repel pests. This makes it a very valuable plant is …

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How to Propagate Azalea – Step by Step

how to propagate azalea step by step

Planting and obtaining new azalea plants is very simple. They can be propagated by sowing their seeds or propagating cuttings. Learn all about how to propagate azalea in this article. The azalea is an ideal plant for covering large spaces, because, depending on its variety, it spreads widely to the sides. In spring it will …

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How to Care for Coneflowers – Guide

how to care for coneflowers guide

Coneflowers are a perennial plant native to North America. It is an herbaceous plant with erect stems, it can measure from 16” to 39” (40 cm to 1 m) in height in most varieties. Its leaves are elongated, pointed, wider at their midpoint, dark green, and rough to the touch. The lower leaves are much …

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How to Care for Delphinium Flowers – Guide

how to care for delphinium flowers guide

In this article we will explain how to care for Delphinium, these beautiful flowers easily attract hummingbirds. Decorate your garden with Delphinium flowers. Is a perennial herbaceous plant species of the Ranunculaceae family. It is native to the northern hemisphere, of great ornamental value, depending on the type and variety the coloration of its blooms …

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