Pruning Endless Summer Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla)

pruning endless summer hydrangeas hydrangea macrophylla

Endless Summer Hydrangeas (Hydrangea macrophylla) are a one-of-a-kind hydrangea that takes the conventional hydrangea to new heights. They may produce their massive, dramatic flowers on both old and young wood, resulting in a long blooming season and the possibility of reblooming. Pruning and trimming hydrangeas can be slightly different depending on the hydrangea species. Usually, …

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How to Prune Hydrangeas – Guide

how to prune hydrangeas guide

How to Prune Hydrangeas is a trick question, Pruning Hydrangeas will keep their flowering every year. They are one of the most spectacular blooms of good weather. These acidic plants are not at all complicated to grow and, in addition, they give us their flowers continuously during practically all the summer months. However, we must …

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How to Dry Lavender At Home

how to dry lavender at home

Lavender, with the scientific name Lavandula, is in fact a genus of aromatic plants that are highly prized both for its hardiness and for the pleasant scent that its characteristic bluish-colored inflorescences give off, used in a multitude of aromatic and cleaning products. Because lavender is an easy and beautiful plant to grow, many people …

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Yellow Orchid – Characteristics and Meaning

yellow orchid characteristics and meaning

The yellow orchid has a very special meaning. Its bright yellow color reminds us of sunlight. Color is full of hope and vitality. Without any doubt, the yellow orchid has a superstitious aspect. Today there are still many people who are guided in life through the superstitions they have. Yellow Orchid Meaning The meaning of …

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How to Grow Aconite – Ultimate Guide

how to grow aconite ultimate guide

Aconite is a plant native to the Eurasian mountains. In some countries, it is planted as an ornamental plant because of its luxuriant flowering and beauty. Learn all about how to grow aconite in this article. However, its cultivation or any kind of home use is generally discouraged It is a very poisonous plant, the …

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How to Repot Hydrangeas – When and How

how to repot hydrangeas when and how

If you want to learn how to repot hydrangeas to bring them to an ideal location for them, join us in this complete guide. Hydrangeas are shrubby plants originating in the American and Asian continents, characterized by the spectacular beauty of their white, pink, or blue inflorescences. They are especially popular in Japan, Korea, and …

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