Cockspur Coral Tree (Erythrina crista-galli) – Care Guide

cockspur coral tree erythrina crista galli care guide

The Cockspur Coral Tree (Erythrina crista-galli) also known as Ceibo and Corticeira is a tree native to South America. In past times, it was more abundant and widely distributed throughout the continent. However, it is currently found in north-central Argentina, the Bolivian border, the Paraguay-Brazil borders, and much of Uruguay. There is a variety of

Viburnum tinus Care and Grow (Laurustinus)

viburnum tinus care and grow laurustinus

Viburnum tinus is a plant that can be found naturally in the Mediterranean area. It is a very hardy shrub, which thanks to its hardiness is suitable for cultivation by beginners and plant enthusiasts without much time. But what is it about this plant that makes you want to incorporate it into your home or

Dracaena marginata Care Guide

dracaena marginata care guide

The Dracaena marginata is a houseplant very appreciated for its easy care and its beautiful appearance, but it also stands out for being part of the group of plants that can purify and clean the air of the rooms in which they are located, such as the pothos. If you want to enjoy this beautiful

Ideas for Vertical Wall Gardens

Looking for vertical wall garden ideas around the world? Whether indoors or outdoors, on building walls or inside the home, vertical wall garden provide different benefits. Here some ideas for vertical wall garden around the world. Ideas to turn any wall into a real “park” by creating a vertical wall garden. In the absence of

Best Patio Heaters 2022 – Ultimate Guide

best patio heaters

Outside and Patio Heaters Patio heaters provide a warm environment outdoors during the colder months. Learn about heat efficiency and types of outdoor heaters, benefits, and advantages. Know the best Patio Heaters 2022 in this article. If you’re looking for outdoor heaters to keep your winter warm, you need to be sure that the device

How to Plant Lupine Seeds – Step by Step


Lupine flowers, also known by their scientific name Lupinus polyphyllus is a plant native to the northwestern part of the United States. From there it has spread to a large part of the world for its great ornamental qualities. Learn all about how to plant Lupine seeds in this article. Lupine is a legume that