Ideas for Vertical Wall Gardens

Looking for vertical wall garden ideas around the world? Whether indoors or outdoors, on building walls or inside the home, vertical wall garden provide different benefits. Here some ideas for vertical wall garden around the world. Ideas to turn any wall into a real “park” by creating a vertical wall garden. In the absence of

Best Patio Heaters 2022 – Ultimate Guide

best patio heaters

Outside and Patio Heaters Patio heaters provide a warm environment outdoors during the colder months. Learn about heat efficiency and types of outdoor heaters, benefits, and advantages. Know the best Patio Heaters 2022 in this article. If you’re looking for outdoor heaters to keep your winter warm, you need to be sure that the device

How to Care Air Plants – Ultimate Guide

air plants care

Air Plant (Tillandsia) grow naturally on other plants, without being parasites, usually on trees in rainy areas of forests and mountains. They do not need a substrate to survive because they collect water and nutrients from the environment contained in the dust. Learn all about How to Care Air Plants in this post. We should

How to Plant Lupine Seeds – Step by Step


Lupine flowers, also known by their scientific name Lupinus polyphyllus is a plant native to the northwestern part of the United States. From there it has spread to a large part of the world for its great ornamental qualities. Learn all about how to plant Lupine seeds in this article. Lupine is a legume that

How to Grow Lavender in a Pot from Seed


Lavender is a whole genus of plants that includes about 60 species and belongs to the family Lamiaceae. It is a perennial shrub and an aromatic plant very popular both for its pleasant smell, used in all kinds of products and perfumes, and for its characteristic violet or lilac color. If you also like this

How to Grow a Lemon Tree

Lemon Tree

The lemon tree is one of the most cultivated fruit trees in the temperate and warm regions of the world. The lemon tree is an evergreen tree that reaches a height of 16-19 ft (5-6 meters). Learn more about How to grow lemon tree in this guide. It is sensitive to cold, if in winter

Vegetables That Grow in Shade

There are many vegetables that grow in shade. These are my favorites that you can easily grow in shade or partial shade.   Shade vegetable gardening isn’t difficult. In this post, you will learn that growing these vegetables is not difficult at all. Vegetables That Grow in Shade: Shade Vegetables The shade-grown vegetables on this

Vertical Gardening Systems: How to Build a Green Wall

Vertical Gardening Systems The first step in building a vertical garden is to understand what commercial systems we have available commercially. Advantages and disadvantages. Then we must analyze what type of environmental conditions will apply to this green wall, indoor, outdoor, light, shade, etc. In this way, we will choose the appropriate plant species. Join