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Ideas for Vertical Wall Gardens

Looking for vertical wall garden ideas around the world? Whether indoors or outdoors, on building walls or inside the home, vertical wall garden provide different benefits. Here some ideas for vertical wall garden around the world. Ideas to turn any wall into a real “park” by creating a vertical wall garden.

In the absence of horizontal meters, an excellent resource is to take advantage of the walls of the pots that allow planting in a staggered way, in height, and that can only be 50 centimeters wide.

A Vertical wall garden is a green wall, designed with specific hanging or potted plants, which can turn any wall or structure into a true “park”. A balcony or even an interior wall of your home can be transformed into an incredible garden.

By selecting the right plants, they are easy to maintain.

The Benefits of Vertical Gardening

Vertical wall gardens help to reduce the carbon footprint of a building by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air. For those living nearby, the quality of the air is improved.

These green walls are generators of oxygen, capture dust, and reduce pollution. They are thermal and acoustic natural insulators that improve the quality of life of city dwellers, among other benefits.

Vertical wall gardens are here to stay. It could be an option to promote sustainability in cities and use it to leave a mark on environmental education. Furthermore, it serves to improve the environments in which citizens spend most of their time.

Lastly, vertical green walls are able to bring nature closer to humans and modify the human perception of the environment with a more pleasant visual approach. Transforming empty urban spaces into something artistically pleasing and creatively inspiring. They can be seen as a natural tapestry on a building.

Vertical Gardening Indoors and Outdoors

Ideas for Vertical Wall Garden Around the World

Some photos of the green trend that is imposed around the world. Here some ideas for vertical wall garden around the world.

Ideas for Vertical Wall Garden Outdoors

vertical garden paris
Quai Branly Museum, Paris, France.
vertical wall garden outdoors in the world
Buenos Aires, Argentina.
modern green wall
Modern Vertical Gardening Idea – Buenos Aires, Argentina
largest vertical wall garden outdoors in the world
The largest vertical wall garden outdoors in the world in Bogota, Colombia. 33368.12 Square Feet and 115,000 plants

The first mental image that comes to mind about a vertical garden is green, like a green wall. However, different ideas can be with red ivy and vines that are red when the cold weather starts, and colorful green walls full of flowers.

street art vertical gardening
Street Art & Vertical Gardening

How to become an advertisement poster in a Vertical Garden?

green wall
How to become an advertisement poster in a Vertical Garden? Pocket system!

It is very appreciated nowadays to approach nature and to cultivate inside the home, even if the space is limited.

Ideas for Vertical Wall Garden Indoors

indoors vertical wall garden in the world
Natural Vertical Garden in a Mall – Siam Paragon Mall, Bangkok, Thailand.
singapore arrival indoors
Singapore, Arrival Station

Ideas for Creating Vertical Wall Garden Indoors

vertical garden walls with boston Ferns spider plants
At the stairs, idea for indoor – Vertical Garden Walls with Boston Ferns, Spider Plants, etc.
green walls with boston ferns spider plants monstera string of succulent plants
Vertical Garden Wall Idea for Indoors – Full of light
green walls with boston ferns spider plants monstera string of succulent plants
Vertical Garden Walls with Ferns, Monstera, Draccaena, etc.
green walls with boston ferns spider plants monstera string of succulent plants
Vertical Garden Wall in a Frame with Pothos and Succulent Plants such as String of Dolphins and String of Pearls

Some species of plants that have been chosen to build these green walls are particularly easy to maintain, and they keep their leaves green all year round regardless of the season.

They are versatile and do not require intense sunlight. They are versatile and do not require intense sunlight. They adapt very well to different conditions of luminosity and humidity.

Moreover, they are not affected by air conditioning drafts.

Another characteristic that these plants have in common is their easy propagation which makes them an economical possibility to form large green walls.

Some of the plant species for Vertical Wall Garden Indoors and their propagation are:

Monstera deliciosa,

Monstera adansonii,


Strings of Dolphins,

String of Pearls,


Spider Plant,

Succulent Plants in general.

Vertical Herb Garden

Vertical gardens offer this possibility not only for recreation of the view and the environment but also for some crops that are easy to grow in the house. Like the vertical herb garden, you can grow yourself at home. Decorative and practical for good use of space. If you want to learn how to grow herbs in your home, learn here, and apply this idea to your vertical herb garden.

vertical herb garden

Vertical Gardening and Feng Shui

Another trend and idea for a vertical wall garden is to combine plants and home environments with Feng Shui guidelines.

Creating cozy environments with energy flow, as in the example of this living room where there are no plants with tips and is based on applying the Feng Shui with a proper selection of plants.

feng shui and plants allies
Idea Indoors for a Cozy Living Room

Modern vertical gardening options that are easy to implement in a home. It is based on generating green structures with plants that require little or no care and that are easy to propagate.

Therefore, the maintenance of the plants chosen for this type of green wall turns out to be simple. We choose plant species that are very versatile to the conditions of light and water.

In the case of the air plants depending on the humidity where they are located may not require risk and can be hung from the ceiling, as they do not require soil. Read more about Air Plants in this post.

As for the decorations with String of Pearls, it is an easy plant to propagate. If you are interested in knowing the step-by-step and learn about the care to add this species of plant to your home decoration, learn more about String of Pearls here.

Ideas for Vertical Gardening in The Office

Ideas for an office, to separate spaces and transmit comfort. Some examples of natural and synthetic vertical gardening, in the reception of an office and separating environments dedicated to the welfare of employees as courtyards.

Needing help to know about systems for Vertical Garden and plant species? Learn How to Build a Vertical Wall Garden and Systems here

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