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Largest Tree in The World – Information, and Photos

Did you know that there are trees that can reach a length similar to that of a building of about 35 floors? Surprising! Although these trees are difficult to observe, since their tops are lost in the clouds and their location is unknown for security reasons, they are tree species with unique qualities related to their longevity and growth rate. In this opportunity, we will talk about the largest tree in the world but also about other specimens of considerable size. If you want to know how big is the largest tree in the world and have more curiosities, do not hesitate to continue reading this interesting article.

What Is The Largest Tree In The World

Let’s start this curious article by revealing which is the largest tree in the world. It is a tree called Hyperion, which belongs to the redwood or California redwood species, scientifically known as Sequoia sempervirens. Its exact height is 377 ft (115.85 meters), making it the tallest living being in the world. The diameter of its trunk is around 16 ft (4.84 meters) and, curiously, other specimens have larger diameters, that is, they are wider but shorter than this one.

If you have come this far, you are probably wondering where the largest tree in the world is located. Hyperion is located in Redwood National Park in northern California in the United States. However, its exact location is a secret to the general public, only a group of biologists and park rangers know where to find it. Precisely, its location is kept secret to avoid any kind of damage.

Hyperion is approximately 600 years old and was discovered in 2006 by a group of hikers hiking in the National Park. Its name was derived from the tree’s similarities to the titan of Greek mythology.

Regarding the species, the red sequoia is characterized for being an evergreen tree, that is to say, that it keeps its foliage throughout the year. Being endemic to California, United States, it inhabits humid environments up to 2950 ft (900 meters) of altitude. Other particularities of the sequoia are related to its thick trunk covered by a bark from which reddish plates are detached, hence its name. Although its most relevant qualities are based on its longevity since it can live for more than 1,000 years, and its rapid growth rate, around 6 ft (1.8 meters) per year.

largest tree in the world
Largest Tree in the World.

Dangers For the Largest Tree in the World

Currently, according to the Red Lists of the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), the redwood (Sequoia sempervirens) is classified as endangered. The causes that threaten the existence of redwoods are related to the loss and fragmentation of their habitat as a result of intense deforestation for other land uses, as well as climate change, which threatens entire ecosystems, modifying the conditions suitable for the development of the species. In turn, the sequoia is highly sought after for its wood as it has qualities that make it suitable for the construction of furniture. Meanwhile, the exploitation of its wood has also contributed to the redwood’s endangered status.

Like the other specimens of its species, Hyperion is not exempt from the threats that endanger the survival of the sequoia. It is precisely for this reason that the exact location of Hyperion, the world’s largest tree, has been kept a mystery in order to protect it from the possible dangers that could be caused by people.

Other Largest Trees in the World

Hyperion has not always been the largest tree in the world, in fact, during the last decades, there were different trees within this podium. For this reason, in this section, we will talk about other trees considered among the largest in the world.


After Hyperion, Helios is the second largest tree in the world with a height of 374 ft (114.58 meters). It belongs to the redwood species and is located in Redwood National Park in California.


Icarus, another sequoia found in Redwood National Park in California, is 370 ft (113.14 meters) tall. It was discovered the same year as Hyperion.

The Giant of The Stratosphere

Until the discovery of Hyperion in 2006, The Stratospheric Giant was considered the tallest tree in the world. It is a red sequoia with a height of 370 ft (113.11 meters) and for the safety of the specimen, its exact location is unknown. Of all the sequoias mentioned, it is the one with the largest trunk diameter, with a size of approximately 17 ft (5.18 meters).

Fusion Giant

With a height of 370 ft (112.71 meters), this sequoia was considered the tallest in the world until 1995. Again, its location is unknown, although it is estimated that, like the other specimens mentioned, it is within Redwood National Park in California.

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