How to Repot Hydrangeas – When and How

how to repot hydrangeas when and how

If you want to learn How to Repot Hydrangeas and When to Repot Hydrangeas, the right way, to bring them to an ideal location for them, join us in this complete guide. Hydrangeas are shrubby plants originating in the American and Asian continents, characterized by the spectacular beauty of their white, pink, or blue inflorescences.

How to Care for Lilies – Updated Guide

how to care for lilies updated guide

Lilies are a type of flower that can usually be seen when the light and warm seasons arrive. They stand out for their colorful colors, shape, and even for their symbolism! This article is designed to learn how to care for lilies and plant them. There are many types of lilies, although the most common

How to Care Knockout Roses – All you Need to Know

how to care knockout roses all you need to know

If you want to have one of the hardiest roses in your garden, then you should read this note about knockout roses. These roses can withstand temperatures as low as -25 °F (-32 °C), which makes them perfect for extreme climates. In this article, we will explain how to care for knockout roses to keep

How to Plant Zinnias from Seeds – Step by Step

how to plant zinnia from seed step by step

Zinnia flowers are beautiful and can last for almost two months every year. Zinnia flowers are very simple to propagate from seeds. Zinnias bloom all summer and you can plant Zinnias in a pot. In this article, we will explain how to plant Zinnias from seeds step by step and how to care for Zinnias

How to Grow California Poppies – Guide

how to grow california poppies guide

The California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) is a plant native to California as its name suggests, it is also found in Mexico in the part of Baja California. Today we will explain to you how to grow California poppies step by step. In nature it is found in large meadows, in the Antelope Valley (California) there

How to Care for Potted Geraniums – Easy Guide

how to care for potted geraniums easy guide

Geraniums are not difficult plants to grow, but the more love and care you give them, the more beautiful they will be. Learn all about how to care for potted geraniums in this article. With more than 240 varieties, the pelargonium (in its scientific meaning), in temperate climates can bloom all year round. If we

How to Plant Pansies – Quick Guide

how to plant pansies quick guide

Pansies are one of the best-known and most popular cool-weather annuals. They are cheerful and very showy plants, with showy flowers that offer color to the garden during the winter. In the months of short days and low light, when most plants do not produce flowers, pansies show off their colors with full intensity. Learn

Yellow Leaves on Impatiens – How to Fix It

yellow leaves on impatiens full guide

There is nothing more satisfying as gardeners when we see our plants start to bloom. That happens to me when I see my impatiens bloom so exuberantly. However, at some point (and this happens to all of us), the leaves of the impatiens begin to yellow. Sometimes it is easy to find leaves turning yellow

How to Care for Potted Hydrangeas Outdoors

how to care for hydrangeas in pots complete guide

It is certainly not an easy task to grow Potted Hydrangeas Outdoors, and we must be very clear about this. Hydrangeas are a plant that does not tolerate well the interior and those that we acquire coming from greenhouses need a process of acclimatization to get used to the outside. Surely many people will have

How to Care for Hydrangea – Complete Guide

how to care for hydrangea complete guide

As the warmer months approach, more than a few gardens, balconies, and terraces are embellished by the spectacular blooms of hydrangeas. These plants, so widespread and valued for their beautiful flowers, are much easier to care for than many people think. Learn all about how to care for hydrangea in this guide. Hydrangea Characteristics Hydrangeas