How to Plant Zinnia from Seed – Step by Step

In this article, we will explain how to plant zinnia from seed step by step. The flowers of this beautiful plant last almost two months, it has very simple care and propagates easily.

Due to its variety of colors and shapes, we will have a wide range of choices when deciding on one of them.

Characteristics of Zinnia

The zinnia has strong and resistant stems, thanks to these it can withstand stronger winds than other plants. There are two main families of zinnias, the difference is in their sizes, some grow up to 18” (45 cm) in height and the others reach a little over 40” (1 m) in height.

The flowers usually open at the end of summer and last well into winter. Some cases also bloom during the spring.  Another advantage of zinnia is that it can bloom in pots.

zinnia flower garden

How to Plant Zinnia from Seed Step by Step

Now we are going to explain the steps you need to follow to know how to plant zinnia from seed. These are very simple steps with a high success rate. You should sow zinnia seeds in late winter and early spring. Make sure that the frosts are over.

1- Get good quality zinnia seeds. Quality zinnia seeds here.

2– You can plant the seeds directly in the ground or pots. If in pots make sure they have good drainage.

3- Prepare the soil with good drainage and rich in organic matter.

4- Place the seeds on the soil and apply a thin layer of soil. Zinnia seeds do not need to be buried.

5- Water the soil or pot.

6- If you used a pot, place it in a sunny spot.

After 8 to 12 days the zinnia seeds will germinate. When the seedlings are bigger you can repot them directly into the ground or a larger pot. 

how to plant zinnia from seed

How to Take Care of Zinnia

You already know how to plant zinnia from seed, now we will give you some tips on how to care for them so that they bloom perfectly.

How to Plant Zinnia from Seed: Soil

Zinnias need soil rich in organic matter and in space that has good drainage. You can add perlite to improve the drainage of your soil.

How to Plant Zinnia from Seed: Light

This plant likes a lot of suns, it needs 6 to 8 hours of sunlight. It can also grow in semi-shade, but it is not ideal for correct development.

The more hours of sunlight the plant receives, the faster it will develop and grow stronger, thus avoiding pests and diseases.

How to Plant Zinnia from Seed: Watering

Zinnias require moderate watering; they should be watered every 2 or 3 days. If the soil is dry, we should water them but never flood them.

It needs humid soils but is not flooded, since its roots do not support soils with an excess of humidity.

We recommend watering directly on the soil without wetting the leaves, otherwise, we can cause them to rot or fungus and always do it in the late afternoon or evening.

how to take care of zinnias

Pests and Diseases of Zinnia

There are a few insects that love to devour our Zinnias attracted by their scent and color. You should be on guard for the following:

Ants: They usually nest at the base of the stems and build their tunnels along with the roots. This causes empty air chambers where they cannot absorb nutrients from the soil. Spray insecticide into their burrows to get rid of them.

Caterpillars: The terror of every plant lover. If you are careless in one night, they can devour half of your Zinnia. You must be attentive and check for possible eaten leaves of your bush. If you spot one, move it far away using your garden gloves.

Beetles: They are very dangerous because they devour the most precious part of your plant: its flowers. As they are usually very brightly colored, you should have no problem noticing their presence. Spray them with a little insecticide to get rid of these annoying tenants.

Remember good soil drainage and not wetting the leaves is a great method of preventing pests and diseases in zinnia.

pests and disease of zinnia