Yellow Leaves on Impatiens – Full Guide

Impatiens are very showy flowering plants. Ideal to keep in pots, being native to tropical regions during the coldest months of the year, they must be protected so that they arrive to spring healthy and safe. Learn all about yellow leaves on impatiens in this full guide.

First of all, and for reference, the lower or older leaves of our plants are the first to dry once completed the cycle starting to turn yellow and eventually dry, if this is your case, do not be alarmed we are within the normal parameters of the plant, on the other hand, if those that turn yellow are the newer or central leaves then we may already have a problem.

Yellow Leaves on Impatiens

The leaves of our plants are great indicators of what is happening and what we are doing wrong in general in the care of our plants, everything can be due and usually is due to large groups of deficiencies or deficiencies that may be watering, nutrients, light or diseases and/or pests. Above all, it is usually due to lack of irrigation or lack and/or blockage of nutrients that the plant cannot assimilate.

yellow leaves on impatiens

1.- Yellow Leaves on Impatiens: Due to Nutrients

One of the most probable and common causes is the lack of nutrients in our plants especially in the case of pots, it can also be because the plant cannot absorb the nutrients that it has available in the pot or substrate due to the pH, but generally, it is due to a lack of nitrogen, phosphorus, iron, magnesium, manganese or zinc. If it usually appears first in the new shoots of the leaves it will surely be micronutrients (magnesium, iron, manganese, or zinc) however if it appears before in older leaves it will be macronutrients (nitrogen, phosphorus), accompanied by this discoloration of the leaves usually appear wrinkling of leaves or even necrosis.

2.- Yellow Leaves on Impatiens: For the Irrigation

This one next to that of the nutrients is one of the causes that but I am with the problem that our leaves yellow. The lack of watering or even the excess of the watering can get to produce yellow spots in the leaves especially in the edges that usually come accompanied of that our leaves are falling down or even change to a tone but brown in the stem, especially if it is lack of watering.

3.- Yellow Leaves on Impatiens: Fungi Appear

A great friend of the orchards in humid climates are the fungi that often manifest themselves by turning their leaves to yellower colors, especially mildew, which is a fungus that usually affects solanaceous plants (tomato, potato, bell pepper…), although it can also be caused by rust (affects garlic, onions, leeks or legumes).

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4.- Pests, Nematodes, Red Spider Mites, and White Flies

The attack of the nematodes, although for this cause are usually fewer symptoms can also put our leaves yellow and wilt, nematodes attack the roots preventing them from absorbing nutrients and water properly.

Other pests such as whiteflies and/or spider mites can also show yellow leaves, although these are easier to detect as we will see them swarming on the leaves. The bites of these insects cause yellow spots on our leaves.

5.- Appearance of Viruses

This case although it is the least common can also occur in our plants and although this is more complicated to detect if none of the other options has helped you it is probably a virus that is affecting your plant, worst of all, is that there is no possible solution (or at least I do not know) to combat them. So, you will have to throw away the plants and look for methods to try to disinfect the soil, one of them is solarization.

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