How to Propagate Lantana – Guide

how to propagate lantana 2021 guide

The propagation of Lantana from cuttings is used when we want to obtain identical characteristics to the mother plant, with the same genetic load, the same bush bearing an identical coloration in its flowers. With seeds, mostly hybrids, the future seedling may get the genes of one of the hybridized plants, and we may not

How to Propagate Snapdragons Step by Step

how to grow snapdragons from seed

Snapdragon plants (Antirrhinum) can be propagated only from seeds. They cross-pollinate easily, so if you sow seed collected from a snapdragon, the resulting seedling plant is not guaranteed to be true to type, and the color of the flowers may be completely different. In this article, we will explain step by step how to propagate

Snapdragons Care Guide (Antirrhinum majus)

snapdragons care ultimate guide

Snapdragons Care Guide Antirrhinum majus is the scientific name of the Snapdragon flower. The species Antirrhinum majus is the most representative species of the flower under the common name Snapdragon flower. This article has all the information that you need about Snapdragons Care. This is the Snapdragon Guide we prepared for our readers and gardening

Senecio kleiniiformis Care – Spearhead Plant Succulent

senecio kleiniiformis care spear head succulent plant care

Spear Head Succulent Care Senecio kleiniiformis, also known as Spear Head, Spearhead Plant, Spearhead Succulent or Spear Head Senecio is a succulent plant related to the String of Dolphins (Senecio peregrinus) and String of Bananas (Senecio radicans). Although it is relatively easy to take care of the Spear Head Succulent Plant, it is necessary to

Zebra Succulent Plant Care – Ultimate Guide

zebra succulent plant care

Haworthia attenuata is an excellent indoor succulent whose appearance gives a modern touch to the environment, besides being one of the easiest to care for. Learn all about Zebra succulent plant care in this article. Originally from South Africa, this medium-sized succulent can reach 8“ (20 cm)in height. Although it does not reach a large size,

How to Care for a Ponytail Palm – Ultimate Guide

ponytail palm care ultimate guide

It is one of the most unique ornamental houseplants and, precisely for this reason, enjoys a good number of fans among plant lovers. Striking and tropical in origin, the care of the ponytail palm or elephant’s foot (Beaucarnea recurvata) is not difficult if properly understood. It is an extremely long-lived plant that with proper care

Ponytail Palm Brown Tips – How to Revive

ponytail palm brown tips how to revive

Despite the ponytail palm or elephant’s foot (Beaucarnea recurvata) needing a low frequency of watering, sometimes the ponytail palm has dry brown tips. If this is your case, then follow these steps that I will explain on how to revive ponytail palm plant, and you will see that it will soon recover. Continue reading to