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Planting Poinsettias Outside

Poinsettia is a plant that can be kept all year round. However, if you think you can keep it in the same pot as you bought it, that will not be possible. Poinsettia needs is to be transferred to the soil in your garden and grow outside, where it forms huge tree-shaped shrubs over the years. Learn here all about Growing and Planting Poinsettias Outside, from the pot to the garden and the next Christmas season. Enjoy their characteristic red color every year during Christmas time.

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I’ve seen many people throw their poinsettia pots out after the holidays. NO, please don’t do that! Many who mistakenly believe that it is a plant that does not survive Christmas. If you transfer the Poinsettia in the ground, outside after the cold of Christmas, it will grow.
Does it require care? Yes, some but not difficult. Some care that is not too difficult, but you have to know in depth to achieve it.

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Preserve the Poinsettia all year round once you understand the particularities of one of the most delicate houseplants there is. But outside Poinsettia plant develops very well. Its reputation of demanding is not in vain, since they demand to have enough attention is only grown indoors in a pot.

How to Grow Poinsettias Outside

The Poinsettia plant thrives outdoors in US Resistance zones 10 to 12 and in all regions in the world where the mean cold temperature is not less than 45F (7 C).

Planting Poinsettias Outside in Australia and New Zealand

The outdoor Poinsettia Plant can grow perfectly in Australia and New Zealand, in regions where the mean temperature is not less than 45F (7 C). Winter temperatures of up to – 5C (five degrees Celsius below zero) will not affect the plant, unless it extends for more than 10 days or it snows.

If so, the plant should be covered to protect it from frost and the soil should be mixed with wood to prevent the roots from freezing.

Why my Poinsettia is Losing Leaves?

Before knowing in detail how to preserve the Poinsettia plant all year round, it is important to know something. In many occasions, when Christmas passes, we see that the plant loses leaves. And, automatically, we tend to think that it is dying. One thought has all the logic but, in the case of a Poinsettia, it is wrong. After these dates, it is normal to start throwing away the lower leaves while keeping the upper ones. If this is the case, we will be dealing with a plant that is well acclimated to our house and is preparing to survive the winter and regrow.

Starting from this base, let’s see seven cultivation tips to preserve the poinsettia all year round. Some of them will help us to enjoy it, too, next Christmas.

Can Poinsettias Grow Outside?

Can you Plant a Poinsettia Outside?

Yes, Poinsettias can grow outside. Transplant your Poinsettias from the pot to the ground, only after Christmas. If we decide to give our plant a bigger space in which to grow, we cannot delay. Ideally, we should do this when the flowering is over, so we can carry out this task until February at the latest.

Pruning is essential for growth. Two tasks are needed to preserve the Poinsettia plant all year round that are linked.

When transplanting, the ideal is to prune the stems about 10 centimeters from the base and always above the node of the leaves. The use of healing paste after pruning will help us to preserve the Poinsettia all year round.

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Only in two moments of the year the Poinsettias need extra nutrients. And it is precisely at those two moments of its vegetative cycle when we have to provide it with fertilizer.

Fertilizer to preserve Poinsettias all year round between the months of February and March, the ideal is to use a growth fertilizer. Also, to promote the appearance of those longed-for red leaves, between October and November we will have to apply a specific fertilizer for flowering.

And how to achieve the red leaves? One of the things that most surprises those who manage to keep the Poinsettia all year round is to see it green. The original shade of the leaves is a very intense tone that is far from the red we know. Not surprisingly, the red leaves are actually bracts that protect the flowering of the plant.

poinsettia bracts

Planting Poinsettias Outside

Caring Poinsettias Outdoors

Temperature, another key aspect. Ideally, our plant should be in a space between 60-71 F (16-22 C). An ideal temperature for its maintenance during the year.

Can Poinsettias Grow in the Snow?

Yes, absolutely. Just a few tips. Poinsettia plant can thrive outside with a wide range of temperatures from 23-104 F (-5 to 40 C), without affecting the flowering.

If there are frequent frosts in your area or snow, the Poinsettia thrives if you protect the roots by mixing wood bark with the soil. Not only do you create a wood mulch, but underneath you should replace some of the soil with shredded bark or wood that will prevent the roots from freezing. Also, covering the plant with a tarp will increase the chances of a larger bloom the following year.

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Care for Poinsettia Plant Outdoors

When Poinsettia planted outdoors it can receive full sun without being affected. This is not possible when it is planted in a pot.

The Poinsettia can adapt very well to sudden changes in temperature and thrive in four distinct and well-marked seasons.

Of course, the plant is more susceptible to changes in temperature, and it is in this environment that it should be cared for the most, when it is newly transplanted from the pot to the garden.

If we see that our plant begins to throw the leaves, it is that it is subjected to degrees of more.

A potted poinsettia does not tolerate a windy weather . However, the Poinsettia outdoors is perfectly adapted by growing in the form of a bush and according to its pruning is similar to a tree.

Learn more about How to Care Poinsettias in detail in this post.

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