Best Patio Heaters 2022 – Ultimate Guide

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Outside and Patio Heaters Patio heaters provide a warm environment outdoors during the colder months. Learn about heat efficiency and types of outdoor heaters, benefits, and advantages. Know the best Patio Heaters 2022 in this article. If you’re looking for outdoor heaters to keep your winter warm, you need to be sure that the device

How to Propagate String of Dolphins

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String of Dolphins Propagation Learning the String of Dolphins propagation is a simple and cost-effective way to grow your collection without spending a lot of money. In this article, we explain everything about how to propagate String of Dolphins succulent plant through the 2 essential methods of propagation. The String of Dolphins plant is an

Propagating Succulents from Leaves & Cuttings

how to reproduce succulents from cuttings leaves stem and in water

No matter how expert or inexperienced you are in growing succulent plants, this article will guide you step-by-step for propagating succulents from leaves and by cuttings. Propagating Succulents from Leaves and by Cuttings: Step-by-Step This process of reproducing succulents from leaves (fallen or plucked) and cuttings is known as propagation. These two are not the

Succulent Propagation – The Ultimate Guide

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How to Propagate Succulents Step by Step Learning to propagate your succulent plants is a simple and cost-effective way to grow your collection without spending a lot of money. In this article, we explain how to propagate succulents through the 3 essential types of propagation. Learn everything about Succulent Propagation. How to plant succulents from

Feng Shui Plant Placement: Strategic Allies

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Boost your positive energy and wealth by knowing what plants are the best for the Feng Shui discipline and which ones you should get rid of right now!. Learn all about Feng Shui plant placement in this article. Also, I share how to balance the energy by correctly placing Feng Shui plants at home, in

Best Plants for Kitchen Ultimate Guide

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Besides the kitchen should be a practical and functional place, we need the kitchen to be a welcoming place. The kitchen is a meeting point, a meeting place for family and friends where share daily stories and prepare new dishes as a gratifying activity for many. Kitchen plants are key to transform and create a

How to Make a Carved Halloween Pumpkin Last Longer


Whether it’s for Fall or Halloween decoration, we all want perfect pumpkins, especially after laborious carving. Nothing more disappointing than a failed decoration on Halloween night, with deformed, half-rotting pumpkins. Learn all about how to make a Halloween pumpkin last longer in this article. Carved Halloween pumpkins can begin to deteriorate and rot within a

Nutrient Deficiency in Plants Guide

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Surely it must have happened to you that you do not know what happens to your plant that does not look healthy and the leaves are damaged. Learn all about Nutrient Deficiency in Plants. Here is our Plant Deficiency Guide. What Happens to my Plant? When is it Necessary to Fertilize? What Happens to my