Japanese Maple Care Instructions

japanese maple care instructions

The Japanese maple is one of the undisputed stars of gardens, green spaces, and even balconies throughout the world. Its characteristic webbed leaves, which turn warm and striking shades of red in autumn, are its best known and most appreciated signature, which is why it is also often chosen to give life and charm to

Japanese Maple Pruning – Step by Step

japanese maple pruning

They are one of the most loved trees by plant lovers. Their leaves give that oriental touch that is so popular in gardens and, also, they do not need a lot of care. In this article, we will explain all about Japanese maple pruning successfully. Japanese maples, whose scientific name is Acer palmatum, are deciduous

How to Care for Eucalyptus – Ultimate Guide

how to care for eucalyptus ultimate guide

Its great aroma and its medicinal properties are two great motivations to learn about the process of how to plant eucalyptus. This plant belongs to the Eucalyptus genus, a group of trees that are cultivated for forestry purposes since they offer good quality wood. Learn all about How to Care for Eucalyptus in this article.

Iron Deficiency in Plants – Ultimate Guide

iron deficiency in plants ultimate guide

Iron chlorosis or iron deficiency is one of the main nutritional deficiencies of crops and one of the most notorious. It is characterized by an alteration of leaf color (leaf yellowing) because its metabolism and chlorophyll synthesis are affected. Learn all about iron deficiency in plants. And, we know that there are other deficiencies that

Sago Palm Turning Yellow – Ultimate Guide

sago palm turning yellow

A common question from gardeners is, “Why is my Sago Palm Turning Yellow?” If your Sago palm is yellowing, there could be several reasons behind this issue. This article summarizes the causes behind a Sago Palm Turning Yellow and, most importantly, how to fix it. When we grow Sago Palm, there is often a problem

How to Care for Mimosa Pudica – Ultimate Guide

mimosa pudica care ultimate guide

The world of plants and vegetables is full of curiosities. One of them that we may have seen in many videos but did not know its name is Mimosa pudica, commonly known as “sleepy plant” or “sensitive plant”. Learn all about how to care for mimosa pudica in this guide. The curiosity of this name

Growing Poinsettias Outside – Care Outdoors

poinsettia garden tree

Planting Poinsettias Outside Poinsettia is a plant that can be kept all year round. However, if you think you can keep it in the same pot as you bought it, that will not be possible. Poinsettia needs is to be transferred to the soil in your garden and grow outside, where it forms huge tree-shaped