Lemon Cypress Tree Care Guide

lemon cypress care

This type of cypress is decorative and brings a perfect scent to any space. The best part is Lemon Cypress trees can be grown both indoors and outdoors. Find out how to grow, propagate and care for Lemon Cypress tree, as well as its most common diseases, and how to get it to grow strong …

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Fast Growing Palm Trees

palm trees fast growing

Who doesn’t want to have a tall palm tree in their garden in a short time? Well, I’m not going to deceive you: the truth is that many people want just that since one of the beliefs that people tend to hold back when it comes to buying a specimen is that roots can break …

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How to Make a Halloween Pumpkin Last Longer

halloween pumpkins

Whether it’s for Fall or Halloween decoration, we all want perfect pumpkins, especially after laborious carving. Nothing more disappointing than a failed decoration on Halloween night, with deformed, half-rotting pumpkins. Learn all about how to make a halloween pumpkin last longer in this article. Treat it Gently Choose the cutest and best pumpkin. Broken stems …

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