How to Propagate a Bird of Paradise Plant Strelitzia

How to Propagate Bird of Paradise Strelitzia

The Bird of Paradise plant, commonly known as Strelitzia (Strelitzia reginae) is an exuberant plant with a splendid orange flower like a rooster’s cockscomb. There are different varieties of Bird of Paradise plants. Bird of Paradise Plants can be multiplied by division or by seeds. We give you here the complete guide, step-by-step, with all the tips on How to Propagate the Bird of Paradise Plant, Strelitzia, and Strelitzia reginae.

There are several species of Bird of Paradise plants. However, the most attractive is Strelitzia reginae with its striking orange flowers.

Other species do not have flowers, commonly called fake-Bird of Paradise plant or fake-Strelitzia. Also, some species have white flowers.

bird of paradise strelitzia reginae
Strelitzia reginae – Orange Flower

How to Reproduce the Bird of Paradise

Propagate Bird of Paradise by Division

Bird of Paradise tends to generate more than one sprout. So, from a bush, it can be divided by taking out two or more plants by separating the sprouts and branches.

When to Propagate Bird of Paradise by Division

An easy way to propagate the Bird of Paradise Plant is in the spring or early summer.

When the group of plants looks like in this picture, they must be separated. This plant does not need to be pruned, but it does need the offspring to be separated from the mother plant by division. They will easily develop because the root system is not central.

division bird of paradise strelitzia reginae
Group of plants ready to be separated by division

Step-by-Step Division of Strelitzia

The easiest method is to divide the plant and repot it again. Basically, the Strelitzia independently trains young plants, which can be identified as a shoot and which already have their own roots.

The division is when the plant is removed from its pot and the root is cut into two parts with the help of a disinfected knife.

Firstly, cut surfaces and treat with a sulfur-based powdered fungicide and planted in two separate pots. Place these pots in a warm and bright environment without direct exposure to the sun.

Secondly, after a month and a half, these plants will open up and can be treated like any bird of paradise plant. 

It is enough to cut the plant and to separate the offspring collecting the maximum possible of roots to assure that the plant prospers.

propagate bird of paradise strelitzia strelitzia reginae
After separation by division. Easiest way for propagation of the Bird of Paradise plants

Propagation of Bird of Paradise by Seeds

The Bird of Paradise can be propagated by seeds in seedbeds or the division of bushes. We recommend these Bird of Paradise seeds for propagation (Order it here).

Remember that this plant can take up to 6 years to flower, so if you want to enjoy its beautiful flowers quickly you can choose to acquire a plant already developed (Order it here). 

Once given the first flowering can have a longevity of up to 4 years, although it depends on conditions and care.

propagate bird of paradise strelitzia
Propagation by seeds in beds

Soil for Strelitzia

Prepare the soil for the Bird of Paradise plant considering these factors. When it comes to planting a Bird of Paradise you should know that it demands deep, clayey soil with abundant organic matter, with good permeability and drainage.

Special care must be taken to maintain adequate drainage to avoid possible overwatering.

propagate bird of paradise strelitzia

Weather for Strelitzia

Ideal conditions are between 59-86 F (15 and 30 °C). This plant has an optimal development when exposed to the sun.

However, in the shade or half-shade, if the climate is warm, it is well tolerated and the plant can achieve good development even if it is not directly exposed to the sun.

propagate bird of paradise strelitzia

Sowing and Transplanting Bird of Paradise

The process of planting a Bird of Paradise is done independently of the seasons, so it can be planted at any time.

Learn more about How to Care for Bird of Paradise Plants Outdoors here.

propagate strelitzia reginae division

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