How to Dry Chamomile for Tea – 4 Ways

how to dry chamomile for tea 4 ways

Chamomile is a medicinal plant widely used in natural medicine. Its active principles are alpha-bisabolol and chamazulene, present in the essential oil, with sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. In this article, we will explain different methods to know how to dry chamomile for tea. The two most common varieties of chamomile are the following: Roman Chamomile …

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How to Plant Basil – Ultimate Guide

how to plant basil step by step

Ocinum basilicum, commonly known as basil, is an aromatic plant native to some tropical regions of Asia that have been cultivated by man for millennia. It is a widely used plant, both for culinary and medicinal purposes, and its use has now spread to almost all parts of the world. Learn more about How to …

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