How to Grow Arugula from Seed

how to grow arugula from seed

Arugula (Eruca sativa), easily found in grocery stores like Rocket arugula or Roquette arugula and Astro arugula, the two most common arugula varieties, is a leafy green vegetable tasty to prepare salads and as microgreens. This vegetable belongs to the Brassicaceae family, including broccoli, cabbage, and mustard. It is native to the Mediterranean, and gardeners …

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How Often to Water Cilantro

how often to water cilantro

We like to prepare different dishes with cilantro in our home, so we grow cilantro every year. Occasionally readers write to us asking how often to water cilantro because their cilantro plants are not growing properly. In this article, I will clear up any concerns about watering cilantro. I will explain everything about watering cilantro …

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How Often to Water Cabbage

how often to water cabbage guide

Cabbage needs water to develop and grow properly. Variations in moisture levels while the crops are maturing can lead to the splitting of the heads. That is why it is essential to water cabbage properly. Proper watering of cabbage will ensure an abundant and quality crop. Knowing the right time to water cabbage to avoid …

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Fairytale Pumpkin: Flavor, Uses, and Growing Tips

fairytale pumpkin flavor uses and growing tips

What is a Fairytale pumpkin? Are Fairytale pumpkins edible? Discover the enchanting world of the Fairytale pumpkin! Learn about their flavor, uses, and growing tips in this comprehensive guide. From their sweet, buttery taste to their versatility in various dishes, Fairytale pumpkins are a must-try. Find out how to grow them in your garden and …

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How Often to Water Eggplant

how often to water eggplant guide

Proper watering is one of the fundamental factors for successful eggplant cultivation. In this article, I will explain how often to water eggplant and give you many more tips to get the best eggplant. Before getting into eggplant watering frequency, it is essential to know the water needs of eggplants. Eggplants thrive in well-drained soils …

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Pumpkin Leaves Turning Yellow: How to Fix It

pumpkin leaves turning yellow

There’s nothing like the satisfaction of growing your pumpkins and reaping the rewards of homegrown produce. However, during growth, there are different situations in which you suddenly may find pumpkin leaves turning yellow, and the plant begins to deteriorate. This yellowing-leaves process can be reversed if detected in time and can also be prevented. When …

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