Adromischus cooperi Succulent Care

Adromischus cooperi is a very showy succulent plant thanks to its nice reddish speckles that goes very well in any home garden. Learn all about Adromischus cooperi in this article.

Characteristics of Adromischus cooperi

Adromischus cooperi is a dwarf succulent plant, perennial in nature, between 0.8” and 2.75” (2 and 7 cm) in height and 6” (15 cm) in extension.

The leaves are very fleshy, narrow at the base, with a very particular curved shape at the end. These leaves have a pale green color but are filled with reddish specks when they receive direct sun.

Adromischus cooperi is native to the eastern cape of South Africa, although today it can be found in homes all over the world.

This plant has small tubular flowers with a mixture of pinkish, purple, and white colors.

Despite its small size, the flower of Adromischus cooperi can grow on an upright stem more than 12” (30 cm) high.

Adromischus cooperi Care

Like other plants of the family, the care of the Adromischus cooperi is very simple.

It is a plant that needs direct sunlight and withstands perfectly in dry climates. But do not panic if you notice a “shrinking” of the leaves during these times, as they return to their normal state with watering.

During the cold seasons, it should be in a dry environment with a temperature between 50°F and 59°F (10 °C and 15 °C).

In summary, apply the care in this way:

Summer: generous watering, but the substrate should dry out completely between watering.

Winter: Spaced watering every 2 weeks or so. Always make sure that the substrate is completely dry before watering.

Leaves: The junction of the leaves is very sensitive and can fall off at the slightest touch. Handle the plant with care.

Light: Direct sunlight for at least 8 hours a day. The more the better.

adromischus cooperi potted

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This succulent blooms in spring and grows in autumn/winter, i.e. it puts out new leaves.

For the soil base, it is advisable to use a special substrate for cacti and succulents. Fortunately, these are readily available in any store nowadays.

Adromischus cooperi Propagation

Like other succulents of the family, Adromischus cooperi can be propagated from a single leaf of the original plant.

To obtain the original leaf, it is advisable to use scissors or a sharp knife and cut it flush with the stem to avoid splitting it.

When planting, it is most effective to place the leaf so that the stem touches the substrate without burying it. For example, leaning it against the side of the pot.

As for watering, keep the substrate moist (without puddling) for the first 10 weeks. From then on, we follow the usual care of this plant, always letting the substrate dry between waterings.

Now, arm yourself with patience. It is a plant that has slow growth and due to the fragility of its leaves, it can take an eternity to have a complete specimen.

adromischus cooperi
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