Care of Columbine Plant – Guide

columbine plant care guide

Aquilegia vulgaris, commonly known as Columbine, is a graceful herbaceous plant that flowers in spring with striking flowers of many different colors. Its cultivation is not complicated, but certain factors must be met to grow happy, in the garden or pots, and give us many joys. Learn all about Care of Columbine Plant in this

Repot Orchid While Flowering Step by Step

repot orchid while flowering step by step

Orchids are some of the most elegant plants that are usually kept inside the home. But for them to grow well it is necessary that we change their pots from time to time, so on this occasion, I will tell you about repot orchid while flowering Finally, if we have just bought our orchid and

How to Repot Orchid Step by Step

how to repot orchid

When repotting an orchid, it is necessary to have a couple of basic skills to make the process successful. We are going to teach you how to repot orchid correctly, how and when to do it, the materials to use, and the steps. In addition, in this article, you will also learn the steps to

How to Propagate Fiddle Leaf Fig – Step by Step

how to propagate fiddle leaf fig

Ficus lyrata, also known as fiddle leaf fig, was for many decades a standard houseplant due to the elegance of its shape and the exuberance of its large leathery leaves. That is why its cultivation has become very popular among lovers of interior decoration with ornamental plants. Learn all about How to Propagate Fiddle Leaf

How to Propagate a ZZ Plant – Ultimate Guide

zz plant propagation and care

ZZ Plant has only one species that is known as Zamioculca zamiifolia and is a tropical type plant that comes from Africa. During the last few years, it has gained considerable popularity due to its particular appearance and above all because of the many properties, it contains. Learn all about how to propagate a zz

How to Propagate String of Pearls and Care

propagatin string of pearls and care

Senecio rowleyanus is the scientific name of the String of Pearls as this curious succulent is popularly known. It is named after Gordon Douglas Rowley, a British botanist known for his work with succulent plants. Learn all about How to Propagate String of Pearls and more in this post. String of Pearls Hanging Plant This

Coffee Grounds for Plants – Organic Fertilizer

coffee grounds for plants

The remains of coffee and breakfast, in general, are usually a real treasure to fertilize plants, whether they are ornamental or edible. If on the one hand, the skins of the fruits are ideal for composting, coffee is not far behind. Continue reading to learn all about coffee grounds for plants in this post. We

Orchid Leaves Turning Yellow – How to Fix

orchid yellow leaves

If you have an orchid with yellow leaves, it is logical and understandable that you are alarmed and think you might lose your orchid. Learn all about orchid leaves turning yellow in this article. I’ll tell you something, if you don’t act quickly you can lose your orchid, but if you detect what the problem

Christmas Cactus Propagation Step by Step

christmas cactus propagation cuttings

The so-called Christmas cactus is a wonderfully succulent plant of Brazilian origin that belongs to the genus Schlumbergera, also called Ephiphyllum; there are six species of Schlumbergera, all characterized by their winter flowering, short stems and long branches. Learn more about the propagation of the Christmas cactus. The leaves are usually dark in color but