Aloe perfoliata Care and Propagation (Aloe mitriformis)

aloe perfoliata care and propagation

Aloe perfoliata is also known as Aloe mitriformis, Aloe distant and Aloe nobilis. The succulent plant Aloe perfoliata is a blue-green aloe composed of clusters of small rosettes, forming small colonies along the ground as it grows. In this article, learn about Aloe perfoliata care and propagation methods. Despite its appearance Aloe perfoliata, lance-shaped leaves

Aloe aculeata – Ultimate Guide

aloe aculeata ultimate guide

Lately, I feel very attracted to this type of aloe with large thorns, as they remind me of dry desert landscapes, where only the strongest can adapt and survive. Learn all about Aloe aculeata in this post. In particular, this variety of aloe has some characteristic spikes not only on the edges of the leaves,

Aloe vera Chinensis – Ultimate Guide

aloe vera chinensis ultimate guide

Aloe vera Chinensis is one of the most famous and easy to care for varieties of the Aloe genus. Moreover, thanks to its ease of propagation, you can get it almost anywhere in the world. Aloe vera Chinensis is very reminiscent of Aloe barbadensis miller. It looks like a smaller version with many more leaves,

Aloe dorotheae, Care and Propagation

aloe dorotheae care and propagation

Aloe dorotheae is an incredibly showy plant of the succulent family. It forms clusters of bright green rosettes in the shade but turns a deep, bright red in full sun. The beautiful leaves of this variety of aloe vera are adorned with prominent white spines along their edges. In winter, greenish-yellow tubular spikes burst forth

Aloe marlothii Care and Propagation

aloe marlothii care propagate

Aloe marlothii or Mountain Aloe is a large succulent with a generally unbranched stem. This beautiful plant is topped by a rosette of gray-green to bluish-green leaves with a sharp tip and reddish-brown spines along the margins and randomly on both surfaces. In this article, I summarize tips for Aloe marlothii care. Also, I give