When to Harvest Kabocha Squash

Kabocha squash is a winter squash that was developed in Japan and is widespread throughout the world. The fruits of the Kabocha squash weigh between 2 and 3 pounds (900 grams and 1400 grams). In this article, you will learn how and when to harvest Kabocha squash.

The fruits of Kabocha squash are not as big as other winter squash varieties, but the plant needs space to develop. Kabocha squash is very famous for its sweet taste and texture, usually, people compare its taste with sweet potato and pumpkin.

When to Harvest Kabocha Squash

When to Harvest Kabocha Squash? Kabocha squash is ready to be harvested after 50 to 55 days of fruit set. Watch the fruit on the vine with attention in the final days of ripening to harvest them on time. Normally, you will begin harvesting Kabocha squash in late summer and early fall.

Also, look at the skin of the Kabocha squash to see if the fruit is ripe. Press with your fingernail on the skin of the Kabocha squash, it should not leave a mark on the skin of the squash. If your fingernail leaves a mark, it means that the squash is not ripe yet. Ripe winter squash will have hard skin.

Kabocha squashes usually weigh between 2 and 3 pounds (900 grams and 1400 grams), which is another clue whether the fruits are ripe. As the Kabocha squash matures, you will notice that the vine begins to dry out.

Not all Kabocha squash will be ripe at the same time, only harvest the ripe ones. Once harvested, Kabocha squash will not continue to ripen off the vine. Harvest all Kabocha squash before frost to avoid frost damage to the squash.

Therefore, to know when to harvest Kabocha squash you should observe the skin of the squash, the size, and the days of ripening of the fruit. Harvesting Kabocha squash at the right time will provide excellent and tasty fruits.

when to harvest kabocha squash
When to Harvest Kabocha Squash? Once you see the fruit on the plant you should wait 50 to 55 days to harvest Kabocha squash.

How to Harvest Kabocha Squash

How to Harvest Kabocha Squash? Harvesting Kabocha squash is not difficult. The first thing you need to harvest Kabocha squash will be a sharp knife or pruning shears. Disinfect the tools you will use to harvest the squash with alcohol.

Select only mature Kabocha squash, remember that Kabocha squash does not ripen off the vine. Cut the Kabocha squash, leaving 1” to 2” (2.5 to 5 cm) of stem for better storage. It is essential to leave some of the stem in the squash so that it can be stored better and longer.

Be sure to harvest all Kabocha squash before the frost begins. Watch the vine daily for new squash that is ripe and ready to harvest.

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How to Store Kabocha Squash

How to Store Kabocha Squash? To store Kabocha squash you must cure the squash as with all winter squashes. If the squash is to be consumed in the next few days, curing is not necessary, but curing improves the flavor of the squash.

To cure the Kabocha squash, place the squash (without stacking) in a place with good ventilation and without the risk of the squash getting wet due to rain. The ideal curing temperature for Kabocha squash is between 80 and 85 °F (27 to 29 °C). The curing process of Kabocha squash takes approximately 10 to 15 days.

Once the curing process is complete, you can store your Kabocha squash (without stacking) for several months. You can store Kabocha squash in a garage with a temperature of 50 and 55 °F (10 to 13 °C). According to the University of California, Kabocha squash can be stored for 2 to 6 months.

The Sunshine Kabocha squash variety is more flavorful if consumed immediately after harvest, without the need to cure the squash. The rest of the Kabocha squash varieties need the curing process to obtain a better flavor.

how to store kabocha squash
How to Store Kabocha Squash? After the squash has been cured, you can store the Kabocha squash for 2 to 6 months.

Final Conclusions

Kabocha squash has become very popular in recent years, and it is very common to see this variety of squash in different gardens and dishes. We usually plant Kabocha squash in our garden for its flavor and texture to prepare delicious dishes.

I hope this article about how and when to harvest Kabocha squash will be of great help and that you will have an excellent harvest. I recommend our articles about when to harvest Delicata squash and when to harvest Pattypan squash.

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