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How to Start Seedlings in Egg Cartons – Ecofriendly

Germinating your seeds in a germinator will be more successful than placing them directly in the soil. That’s why today we will explain to you how to start seedlings in egg cartons, an ecological and economical way.

How to Start Seedlings in Egg Cartons – Step by Step

We will explain step by step how to start seedlings in egg cartons. Follow all the steps and your seeds will grow correctly.

1- Cut the egg carton in half. We will use the bottom part (where the eggs are placed).

2- We will make a small hole in each place for drainage.

3- We will put soil rich in organic matter. Previously we can moisten the soil a little.

4- Place the seeds and moisten them gently.

Place the egg box (now seed starter) in a sunny and warm place. It can receive sunlight through a window or directly.

Eventually, the cardboard box will break down with watering, but this will not be a problem, as you will transplant the seedlings later.

how to start seedlings in egg cartons

Seedlings in Plastic Egg Cartons

If you do not have cardboard egg cartons you can use plastic ones. They can also be used to germinate seeds without any problem.

The steps are the same as above but if you want you can try this other method with which we had success to grow seeds.

1- Moisten a cotton ball with water and place it in one of the holes (where the eggs go).

2- Place the seed on the wet cotton.

3- Close the container if it is transparent, otherwise cover it with plastic film.

In a few days, you will see the sprouts, and then you can move them directly into the ground.

We use both methods in our house and have had success with both. We recommend using these methods for fast-growing seeds because the cardboard will be crumbling. If you use the plastic egg carton there will be no problem.

How to Repot Your Seedlings

If you used the cardboard egg cup you can repot directly with the cardboard because it will degrade over time. Also, the cardboard will provide constant moisture to the roots.

how to repot your seedlings

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