How to Grow Hydrangea from Cuttings – Easy Method

Propagating hydrangeas from cuttings is a fairly simple and fun task because you will have your hydrangea from a cutting. In this article, we will explain how to grow hydrangea from cuttings.

We leave you this article on how to change the colors of hydrangea so that you can then apply it to your plant.

How to Grow Hydrangea from Cuttings

The best time to propagate hydrangeas from cuttings is after flowering and before the flowers fade. Follow these steps and you will know how to grow hydrangea from cuttings.

1- Use sharp pruning scissors. Previously disinfect it with alcohol.

2- We will select those branches that have at least three nodes. If the branches have more than three nodes, we would cut them down to three.

3- Remove the leaves from the last node. For the remaining leaves, we will reduce them to half, in this way the plant will lose less water.

4– Place the cuttings in well-drained soil. You can build it yourself by adding vermiculite or perlite.

5- I recommend that you use rooting hormone for greater success in propagating cuttings.

6- Place the cuttings in the previously moistened soil.

In about 3 weeks the hydrangea cuttings will have their first roots and we can choose a place to repot them. We usually leave them in the same pot for about 6 weeks to give them stronger roots.

how to grow hydrangea from cuttings

Hydrangea Propagation Tips

You know how to grow hydrangea from cuttings, now we are going to give you some tips and advice to be successful with this propagation.

  • Always disinfect the tools you will use to make the cuttings.
  • Make sure the soil is well-drained.
  • The cuttings should be placed in a semi-shaded location.
  • The best time to take cuttings is in the late fall and during the winter.
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