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How and When to Harvest Fairy Tale Eggplant

In this article, we will talk about how and when to harvest Fairy Tale eggplant. As gardeners, how will you figure out when Fairy Tale eggplants are ready to harvest and start picking them? We will also explain some tips on how to grow Fairy Tale eggplant to have an abundant harvest. Fairy Tale eggplant is white with purple stripes and very small and great for cooking.

The fruit is not bitter, is sweet, and has few seeds. Fairy Tale eggplant is ideal for growing in pots, as they are not more than 2.5 feet (80 cm) tall. You should be able to harvest Fairy Tale eggplant 50 to 60 days after planting.

When to Harvest Fairy Tale Eggplant

Usually, the days to maturity to harvest fairy tale eggplant are 50 to 60 days after planting, but for example, this year, I harvested my fairy tale eggplants at 40 days.

So, How do you know when to harvest Fairy Tale eggplant? Fairy tale eggplant tastes best when 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) long. It is essential to observe the skin of the fairy tale eggplant to know if it is the right time to harvest. When you observe that the eggplant’s skin is well shiny, it is the best time to reap it.

If the fairy tale eggplant develops too much, it will lose brightness and have a more bitter taste. That is why harvesting the fairy tale eggplant is essential when you see it shiny.

Important to remember that if the flowers of the fairy tale eggplant were not pollinated, there would be no fruit to harvest. If there are pollinating insects where the eggplant plant is planted, there will be no problems. Otherwise, it would be best if you pollinated the flowers with a brush.

Now you know when to harvest fairy tale eggplant, I will explain how to harvest fairy tale eggplant to get a maximum plant yield.

when to harvest fairy tale eggplant
When to Harvest Fairy Tale Eggplant? In only 50 days, you will be harvesting fairy-tale eggplants. This year I managed to harvest them in 40 days, but the weather favored me.

How to Harvest Fairy Tale Eggplant

How to Harvest Fairy Tale Eggplant? Fifty days after planting, the fairy tale eggplant can be harvested. First, observe that the eggplant is between 3 and 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) long because this is when Fairy Tale eggplants have the best flavor. Then check that they are firm and have nice shiny skin.

To harvest the fairy tale eggplant, use a sharp knife or scissors. It must be sharp so as not to damage the plant when harvesting the fairy tale eggplant.

I always recommend disinfecting with alcohol the elements we will use to harvest or prune a plant. Disinfecting the tools prevents the plants from getting sick.

Fairy Tale F1 Eggplant Seeds - Non-GMO - 10 Seeds
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  • New miniature eggplants are white with violet/purple stripes.
  • The fruit are non-bitter, with a tender skin and few seeds.

How to Grow Fairy Tale Eggplant

To grow a fairy tale eggplant, it is recommended to sow the seeds indoors a few months before the last frosts of spring. Soak the seeds of fairy tale eggplant in a glass of water overnight. Seeds that float will not work.

Prepare substrate rich in organic matter and nutrients. Bury the fairy tale eggplant seed no more than ¼ inch (0.6 cm) deep, and keep the soil moist but not waterlogged. Cover the pot with plastic wrap until it begins to germinate. The ideal temperature for germination is about 75 °F (24 °C).

After two to three weeks, you will have fairy tale eggplant seedlings ready to be transplanted into the garden if there is no more frost. Choose a site with good lighting; they need plenty of sun to thrive. It is important not to plant fairy tale eggplant where you have previously planted potatoes, peppers, tomatoes, or other eggplants the previous year.

You should also grow fairy tale eggplant in a pot because this plant is ideal for small spaces. It develops quickly and gives a good production of eggplants. The requirements will be the same as if you planted directly in the soil. Learn more about How to Grow Fairy Tale Eggplant.

harvest fairy tale eggplant
The fairy tale eggplant grows very well in pots, as shown in the picture. In pot, it also gives an excellent production of eggplants.

When to Pick Fairy Tale Eggplant

When to Pick Fairy Tale Eggplant? As mentioned above, the approximate days to maturity of fairy tale eggplants are 50 to 60 days. Of course, all this can vary according to climatic conditions. But not only the days of maturity should be considered when picking fairy tale eggplant.

The days to maturity are only helpful when starting the cultivation from seed. If you buy the fairy tale eggplant seedling, you should observe the fruit to know the right time to pick it.

The peak flavor of fairy tale eggplants is achieved when they measure 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) in length. Observing the eggplant’s skin to determine the optimum time for picking is essential. When you notice a shiny appearance on the skin of the fairy tale eggplant, it is the ideal indication that it is ready to be picked.

A fairy tale eggplant not picked at the right time will have less shiny skin and a bitter taste. To obtain tasty fairy tale eggplants, you must pick them at the right time.

when to pick fairy tale eggplant
When to Pick Fairy Tale Eggplant? Fairy tale eggplants are usually around 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) in length when they are ready to be picked.

Final Conclusions About Harvesting Fairy Tale Eggplant

Let’s see a couple of final thoughts regarding harvesting Fairy Tale eggplants. When harvesting Fairy Tale eggplants, there are a couple of crucial things to keep in mind. Fairy tale eggplants are at their finest when they are still relatively small, usually measuring about 3 to 4 inches (8 to 10 cm) in length. When you see that your Fairy Tale eggplants are reaching that length, it will result in a good signal between the perfect balance of flavors and the right time to start picking.

But how do you know when to harvest fairy tale eggplant? Well, it is all in the skin. Keep a close eye on the eggplant’s exterior, the skin should have a shiny, glossy appearance. This is your signal that it is prime time for picking. Waiting too long might result in the eggplant losing its brightness and taking on a bitter taste, so shine is a crucial indicator.

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