How to Propagate Poinsettia (Two Methods)

how to propagate poinsettia two methods

Poinsettias (Euphorbia pulcherrima) are the most popular Christmas plants. Poinsettias in their natural habitat can be found from Mexico to Guatemala. In this article, I will explain how to propagate poinsettia step by step and succeed in propagation. Poinsettias can be propagated by seeds and by cuttings, the method of propagation by cuttings is the

When to Prune Knockout Roses Zone 5

when to prune knockout roses zone 5 guide

Knockout roses are very resistant to pests, diseases, and weather. For Knockout roses to develop properly you should prune the roses every year, a Knockout rose after pruning grows very fast. In this article, I will explain step by step how and when to prune Knockout roses zone 5. Knockout roses can grow to 6

Anthurium Fertilizer: How and When to Fertilize

anthurium fertilizer how and when to fertilize

Anthuriums are very beautiful plants of the Araceae family, usually, people mistake their spathes for flowers. In this article, I will explain everything about Anthurium fertilizer, so your Anthurium will always grow correctly. Anthurium in nature obtains nutrients from biomass, but when Anthurium is grown indoors or in pots, it cannot obtain nutrients from biomass.

How and When to Prune Hibiscus in Florida

how and when to prune hibiscus in florida guide

We have readers from all over the world and receive their queries daily in our email inbox. Recently, a reader wrote to me from the state of Florida asking how and when to prune hibiscus in Florida. Florida has excellent weather for hibiscus, and that is why in this article I will explain how and

When to Prune Hibiscus for Winter

when to prune hibiscus for winter guide

Hibiscus is a shrub that is considered to be small, reaching up to 16 ft (5 m) in height, and is cultivated as an ornamental shrub. Sometimes its tender leaves are consumed as a substitute for spinach, as well as the flowers, either raw or cooked, and are also used as a colorant. Learn all

When to Prune Knockout Rose Bushes

when to prune knockout rose bushes guide

To have Knockout rose bushes in good condition, they should be pruned every year so that the Knockout rose bushes develop properly. In this article, we will explain when to prune Knockout rose bushes always to have the best Knockout roses. Knockout rose bushes grow easily and very fast, a friend of mine has a

Star Shaped Flowers for Your House

star shaped flowers for your house

Star shaped flowers are beautiful to decorate any garden or balcony. There are star shaped flowers of different colors and requirements for you to have in your garden. Like all flowers, star shaped flowers will also attract birds and butterflies to your beautiful garden. This way you can have pollinating insects very beneficial to any

What Plants Not to Use Neem Oil On

what plants not to use neem oil on guide

I have been using neem oil for many years to kill and treat pests on plants in my garden. This oil is an ecological and environmentally safe product, but you must know how to use neem oil because not all plants tolerate neem oil well. That’s why I created this article to let you know

Harvest Zucchini Flowers – How & When

harvest zucchini flowers how and when

Zucchini flowers are glorious golden blossoms, which are not only attractive but also good to eat. With zucchini flowers, you can prepare delicious meals. If you want to harvest zucchini flowers for consumption you need to know a few things about the reproductive biology of the plant. Above all, you should know when and which

How to Dry Chamomile for Tea – 4 Ways

how to dry chamomile for tea 4 ways

Chamomile is a medicinal plant widely used in natural medicine. Its active principles are alpha-bisabolol and chamazulene, present in the essential oil, with sedative and anti-inflammatory properties. In this article, we will explain different methods to know how to dry chamomile for tea. The two most common varieties of chamomile are the following: Roman Chamomile