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Hibiscus Not Blooming in Florida

Hibiscus not blooming in Florida for a variety of reasons such as too much shade, water stress, or if it was badly pruned in the spring. Other problems can also happen because the hibiscus does not bloom. In this article, I will explain all the possible causes why hibiscus not blooming in Florida.

Hibiscus grows very well throughout the state of Florida, especially in South Florida where it never suffers from the cold. With the right amount of sunlight and basic care, the hibiscus should always give beautiful flowers. Continue reading to find out all the reasons why your hibiscus does not bloom in Florida.

Common Reasons Why Hibiscus Not Blooming in Florida

There are several causes why hibiscus does not bloom in Florida. Below I will explain each cause and how to solve the problem so that the hibiscus will bloom again correctly. Also, I recommend reading our article about hibiscus care in Florida for more information.

Too Much Nitrogen Inhibits Hibiscus Blooming

Too much nitrogen will cause the hibiscus foliage to overgrow but not its flowers. That is why it is very important to fertilize the hibiscus correctly and not apply too much nitrogen.

An NPK 10-4-12 fertilizer is correct for hibiscus. For more information about hibiscus fertilization, I recommend you to read our article on the best fertilizer for hibiscus in Florida.

If your hibiscus has too much foliage but no blooms you should reduce the use of fertilizer containing high amounts of nitrogen. Water it regularly and apply a low-nitrogen fertilizer.

You probably won’t see flowers right away because it’s not a quick fix, but next year you should see beautiful flowers again on your hibiscus.

nitrogen hibiscus florida
Too much nitrogen will impede hibiscus flowering.

Too Much Phosphorous Prevents Hibiscus Blooming

Also, the excess of phosphorus is bad for hibiscus flowering. Like any nutrient, the excess is always bad, so I recommend using fertilizers suitable for hibiscus. Use 10-4-12 or 12-6-8 fertilizer to fertilize your hibiscus in Florida.

The accumulation of phosphorus in the soil inhibits the hibiscus roots from absorbing other nutrients essential for hibiscus development and blooming. Also, yellow leaves on the hibiscus are associated with excess phosphorus in the soil. But not only your hibiscus can have yellow leaves due to excess phosphorus. I also recommend you read our article about yellow leaves on hibiscus.

Using the proper fertilizer for hibiscus will prevent problems with excess nutrients in the soil. Always follow the manufacturer’s recommendations to apply the fertilizer correctly to the soil.

Hibiscus Not Blooming in Florida Due to Too Much Shade

Hibiscus is a plant that needs to be in full sun to develop and grow properly. It is recommended that the hibiscus receives at least 6 hours of direct sunlight per day. In the state of Florida, your hibiscus should be able to receive excellent sunlight all year round.

That is why it is very important to choose the right place to plant your hibiscus. If for some reason your hibiscus is receiving too much shade, it is best to relocate it to a sunnier area of the garden.

too much shade hibiscus florida blooming
Hibiscus needs at least 6 hours of direct sunlight daily.

Hibiscus Not Blooming in Florida Due to Incorrect Pruning

Pruning the hibiscus too late may cause it not to bloom. It is recommended to prune the hibiscus in early spring so as not to remove the new flower buds. For proper hibiscus pruning, I highly recommend reading our article about how and when to prune hibiscus in Florida.

If for some reason you were not able to prune your hibiscus in early spring, I recommend not pruning it that year so as not to lose the bloom. Just because you let a year go by without pruning your hibiscus nothing bad will happen to the plant.

It has happened to me to be away for a long time and not be able to prune my hibiscus in the spring. Of course, I didn’t prune that year and I could still see beautiful flowers on my hibiscus plants.

Hibiscus Not Blooming Due to Water Stress

Hibiscus for development and growth needs moist but not waterlogged soil. It is important to maintain moisture in the soil of the hibiscus because hibiscus plants do not like drought at all. Always check that the hibiscus plant has moist soil.

Excessive watering or poor soil drainage is also bad for hibiscus blooming. It is best to use soil with good drainage and apply a layer of mulch to help retain moisture properly. You can check soil moisture with a moisture meter that does not require batteries and has other functions such as measuring soil pH. Water stress may be one of the causes of hibiscus not blooming in Florida.

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Does Pruning Hibiscus Help Them Bloom?

Trimming a non-blooming Hibiscus plant can potentially encourage it to bloom, but it’s a long-term approach. Established plants with significant wood growth and a cluttered appearance may respond well to more aggressive pruning. Remove any dead growth or branches with sparse leaves.

Typically, it’s recommended to not cut away more than a third of a plant during pruning, but in the case of a non-blooming plant, this drastic action may aid in its recovery for future growth.

blooming hibiscus florida
Always prune the hibiscus in early spring to see it bloom properly.

Final Conclusions

There are several causes why hibiscus does not bloom in Florida, such as water stress or excessive fertilizer. In states with colder climates, hibiscus does not bloom because of the cold, but this is not the case in Florida.

All the above-mentioned problems that hibiscus is not blooming in Florida can be solved by following the tips mentioned in the article. If you have any additional questions that are not mentioned in this article, please do not hesitate to contact us through the contact form.

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