How to Grow California Poppies – Guide

how to grow california poppies guide

The California poppies (Eschscholzia californica) is a plant native to California as its name suggests, it is also found in Mexico in the part of Baja California. Today we will explain to you how to grow California poppies step by step. In nature it is found in large meadows, in the Antelope Valley (California) there …

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How to Plant Pansies – Quick Guide

how to plant pansies quick guide

Pansies are one of the best-known and most popular cool-weather annuals. They are cheerful and very showy plants, with showy flowers that offer color to the garden during the winter. In the months of short days and low light, when most plants do not produce flowers, pansies show off their colors with full intensity. Learn …

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Yellow Leaves on Impatiens – Full Guide

yellow leaves on impatiens full guide

Impatiens are very showy flowering plants. Ideal to keep in pots, being native to tropical regions during the coldest months of the year, they must be protected so that they arrive to spring healthy and safe. Learn all about yellow leaves on impatiens in this full guide. First of all, and for reference, the lower …

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How to Care for Hydrangea – Complete Guide

how to care for hydrangea complete guide

As the warmer months approach, more than a few gardens, balconies, and terraces are embellished by the spectacular blooms of hydrangeas. These plants, so widespread and valued for their beautiful flowers, are much easier to care for than many people think. Learn all about how to care for hydrangea in this guide. Hydrangea Characteristics Hydrangeas …

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How to Propagate Lantana – Guide

how to propagate lantana 2021 guide

Lantana can be propagated, indistinctly, by seed or planted through cuttings. This last method is used when we want to obtain identical characteristics to the mother plant, with the same genetic load, the same bush bearing an identical coloration in its flowers. With seeds, mostly hybrids, the future seedling may get the genes of one …

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