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Do Deer Eat Zinnias? Are Zinnias Deer Resistant?

Surely in your garden, you have some beautiful Zinnias and wonder: Do deer eat Zinnias? Are Zinnias deer resistant? I will clarify all your questions about Zinnias and deer in this article. As you probably know from our articles, living in Visalia is magnificent, full of trees, nature, and deer. We grow many other flowers and vegetables, such as Zinnias that grow easily in our garden, and deer come every night to visit us. This article tells you what happens between our zinnias and deer in our garden.

Do Deer Eat Zinnias?

Do deer eat Zinnias? The short answer is, no. Zinnia flowers have a beautiful bloom. They can grow in an outpouring of every bright hue imaginable, enhancing the aesthetics of your landscape.

They can also tolerate summer heat and drought without additional watering, making growing and enjoying your beautiful blossoms simple. When you add them to your garden, you may expect hummingbirds and butterflies, which implies a sunny garden.

So, do deer eat Zinnias? The short answer is NO. The University of Oklahoma lists Zinnias as a deer-resistant plant on their list. But if deer are starving, they may try to eat Zinnias, but it won’t be the first plant they try to eat.

do deer eat zinnias
Do Deer Eat Zinnias? Deer will not eat Zinnias unless they are starving. They prefer other plants to Zinnias.

Are Zinnias Deer Resistant?

Zinnias are listed as deer-resistant flowers. According to the University of North Carolina, Zinnias are resistant to deer and rabbits. Additionally, Zinnias attract pollinating insects that are very beneficial to the garden.

We plant Zinnias in our garden every year because they are drought- and deer-resistant. We have been growing Zinnias for several years now, and the deer that live near our house have never harmed our Zinnias. I recommend you read our article on how to plant Zinnias from seeds.

Deer should be very hungry to try to eat Zinnias. Still, when trying to eat a Zinnia, they will likely stop eating it immediately because they do not like the taste or smell. Keep in mind that Zinnias do not act as a deer repellent. By this, I mean that if you plant Zinnias near other plants that attract deer, they will not act as a deer repellent.

are zinnias deer resistant
Are Zinnias Deer Resistant? Zinnias are listed as deer-resistant plants by the University of North Carolina.

Protect Zinnias and Keep Deer Out

As mentioned above, deer will only try to eat Zinnias if starving. Suppose you are still concerned about deer damaging your Zinnias or other garden flowers. In that case, you can use one of the following methods to keep deer out.

Create a Physical Barrier: Installing a physical barrier keeps deer away from your zinnias. Fencing your garden with a sturdy and tall fence, ideally at least eight feet high, can be an excellent deterrent. Ensure the fence is buried at least a foot into the ground to prevent deer from burrowing under it. Consider using deer netting or mesh around individual zinnia beds or containers. These lightweight and flexible materials are designed to keep deer from reaching your precious blooms while allowing sunlight and rain to penetrate.

Scare Tactics and Noise-Making Devices: Deer can be startled by sudden loud noises or unexpected movements. Utilizing scare tactics can help keep them away from your zinnias. Hang wind chimes, aluminum foil strips, or old CDs around your garden to create noise and movement. Motion-activated sprinklers are another effective option, as they startle deer with bursts of water when they approach your zinnias. Remember that deer can become accustomed to these tactics over time, so it’s essential to periodically change the location or type of scare devices you use.

Employ Companion Planting: Companion planting involves strategically placing plants that repel or confuse deer around your zinnias. Deer dislike strong-scented plants such as lavender, rosemary, and mint. By interplanting these herbs or incorporating them into your garden borders, you can create a natural deterrent for deer. Additionally, marigolds and ageratum produce strong odors that deer find unappealing, making them ideal companions for zinnias. This method helps protect your zinnias and adds diversity and beauty to your garden.

protect zinnias and keep deer out
Protect Zinnias and Keep Deer Out.

Final Conclusions

Do Deer Eat Zinnias? Yes, only if the deer is hungry because it is not one of the flowers they like the most.

Are Zinnias Deer Resistant? The short answer is yes. Zinnias are listed as deer-resistant plants; I can attest to this because deer have never touched my garden. Deer do not eat Zinnias unless they are starving. Zinnias are not flowers that repel deer.

I hope this article is helpful and gives you peace of mind to grow Zinnias in your garden and not worry about deer. If you are interested in knowing more about what types of plants deer eat I recommend you read our articles:

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