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Do Deer Eat Pumpkins? (How to Keep Deer Away)

Do deer eat pumpkins? Yes, deer love pumpkins. Deer will eat both the plant and the fruits of the pumpkin. Fortunately, several ways exist to keep deer away from pumpkins without using environmentally hazardous or expensive products.

When growing pumpkins, you not only have to be alert to possible pests and diseases that may appear on pumpkin plants. Deer loves pumpkin plants and fruits. Continue reading to learn more about, Do deer eat pumpkins?

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins?

Do Deer Eat Pumpkins? Yes, deer eat pumpkins. The taste and texture of pumpkins may appeal to deer, encouraging them to eat them when given the opportunity.

Pumpkins are considered a part of the deer diet, especially during the fall when they are readily available. Deer are herbivores whose diet consists mainly of weeds, leaves, twigs, fruits, and vegetables. According to the University of Minnesota, a 150-pound (68 kg) adult deer can consume up to 12 pounds (5.5 kg) of food per day.

Although pumpkins are not their preferred food, they are not harmful to deer, and they may eat them if they come across them. Deer are naturally curious animals and may be attracted to new or unusual objects in their environment. The sight of pumpkins, particularly if they stand out against their surroundings, can pique their curiosity and lead them to investigate and possibly consume them.

Deers have different preferences and feeding habits depending on their geographic location and the availability of other food sources.

do deer eat pumpkins
Do Deer Eat Pumpkins? Yes, deer do eat pumpkins. They are known to feed on pumpkins and other types of squash.

Do Deer Eat Pumpkin Plants?

What about Pumpkin Plants? Do Deer Eat Pumpkin Plants? Deer eat all accessible parts of pumpkin plants. Deer has a strong affinity for consuming pumpkins. They particularly enjoy the inner flesh of the pumpkin rather than the outer shell.

Deer are known to eat both pumpkin plants and ripe pumpkins. During the summer, they tend to graze on the leaves of pumpkin plants, while in the fall, their preference shifts to the fruit itself.

During the spring, deer will devour the leaves and flowers of pumpkin plants. As the fruits ripen, they will also eat the unripe pumpkins, which are not their preferred food. In the fall, when the pumpkins are ripe, and food becomes scarce, deer will eat the ripe pumpkins.

Do Whitetail Deer Eat Pumpkins?

All deer love to eat pumpkins, so do whitetail deer eat pumpkins? Yes, whitetail deer, like other deer species, eat pumpkins and pumpkin plants because they love the taste. They will consume both the pumpkin plant and the fruits.

A scientific study showed that pumpkins provide vitamins, minerals, and other important nutrients to animals like deer. Most pumpkins, such as Cinderella pumpkins, ripen in early to mid-fall. Fall is when food becomes scarce for deer, and they will try to eat the pumpkins.

What Are the Signs That Deers Are Eating Pumpkins?

Signs that deer are eating pumpkins in your garden include the presence of deer droppings within your garden, identifiable hoof prints left by deer in the soil, and, of course, visible bite marks on the pumpkins themselves.

When you receive a visiting deer in your pumpkin garden, it is common to observe small pellets, resembling the size of an eraser on a pencil, in deer droppings. That indicates that a deer has visited your garden and potentially consumed one or more pumpkins. You can distinguish deer droppings from rabbit droppings, which tend to gather in piles, and squirrel droppings, usually found in clustered arrangements.

Deer leave distinctive hoof prints on the soil of your pumpkin patch, which can be quite intriguing. These prints are particularly noticeable after recent rainfall or when the ground is slightly moist. You may easily spot the prints on the ground or surrounding grass.

As curious animals, pumpkins have various attractions for deer, leading them to eat the entire plant. Deer tend to eat and devour the whole pumpkin in a single visit. However, if their feeding is interrupted, you may find partially destroyed pumpkins with visible bite marks.

what are the signs that deers are eating pumpkins
What Are the Signs That Deers Are Eating Pumpkins? There are several signs that deer are eating the pumpkins such as footprints or finding deer droppings.

How To Keep Deer Away from Pumpkins

Installing a fence is the best way to keep deer away from pumpkins. The fence should be tall because deer can jump very high. According to a study from the University of Nebraska, installing a fence at least 8 feet (2.4 m) high is recommended.

If you can not fence your pumpkins, there are other options. Motion-activated sprinklers work very well.

There are water sprinklers on the market that are specially designed to detect the movement of animals. The animal’s movement activates these water sprinklers. It releases an amazing stream of water for 5 seconds to scare the animals away. It is effective against deer and other animals you may want to keep away from your yard, such as squirrels, raccoons, opossums, etc.

These sprinklers consist of an infrared sensor that detects animal heat and animal movement at a range of up to 60 feet, depending on the brand name chosen. They are effective at night and during the day and have a function that allows continuous watering.

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Because they are curious animals and are attracted by the size of the pumpkins and can taste and like the texture, deer will eat the pumpkins they find in their path. But it is also true that deer are easily frightened. That’s why motion-sensor water sprinklers work so well to scare deer away. In our garden, we opted to use motion-activated sprinklers because we did not want to install such a high fence in the part of the garden where we grow my pumpkins.

Covering your pumpkins is another method to keep deer away and prevent deer from eating your pumpkins. Cover your pumpkins with netting or individual covers to protect them from deer physically. Ensure the net or covers are securely placed to prevent deer from accessing the pumpkins.

Use deer repellents to make the pumpkins and surrounding area less appealing to deer. Various types of repellents are available, including scent-based repellents and taste deterrents. Follow the instructions on the repellent product and reapply as necessary.

Electric fences can be viable, although deer are less sensitive to electric shocks because of their thick insulation. To enhance the effectiveness of an electric fence, it is common practice to entice deer to touch the electric wire with their nose, also known as “baiting.” I recommend you read an article from the University of Massachusetts explaining this method.

how to keep deer away from pumpkins
How To Keep Deer Away from Pumpkins? To keep deer away from pumpkins you can use different methods such as a fence or motion-activated sprinklers.

Final Conclusions

So, do deer eat pumpkins? Yes, they do eat pumpkins, and they love it! Deer loves pumpkins and will eat the whole pumpkin plant and the fruit if you let them.

Fortunately, there are different ways to keep deer away from pumpkin plants. Installing a fence is the best option to keep deer away from pumpkins. Motion sensor water sprinklers for the lawn are a great option to keep deer and other animals away from your garden. Nets and covers are also available on the market to protect your crop. Deer repellents are also a valid option.

I recommend taking precautions when growing pumpkins to prevent deer from eating your pumpkin plants. If you are interested in knowing more about what types of plants deer eat I recommend you read our articles:

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