National Flower of Puerto Rico: All About It

To know the national symbols it is necessary to dig a little into the past and the facts that are known today, in this article we seek to give information about some interesting details of each country, and today it was Puerto Rico’s turn. Learn all about National Flower of Puerto Rico in this article.

If you want to know a little more about this country the idea is to start with its culture and important emblems, mentioning only one of them in this article, it is the national flower of Puerto Rico, you can learn more about it below.

National Flower of Puerto Rico

In this country is known as the national flower to the popular Maga flower, comes from a tree of the same name and is of course, endemic to this particular country, from the Puerto Rican territory, its scientific name in Thespesia grandiflora and although it is not usually called in this way sometimes if you could hear mention the famous montezuma speciosisisima, and this is nothing more than a synonym of the previous name.

Maga Tree In Puerto Rico

This tree can also be seen in Honduras, Florida, Hawaii, or South and Central America but it is a species endemic to Puerto Rico, its main attraction is that it is a tree that always remains green regardless of the season, on the other hand, its growth is quite slow.

It can measure up to 50 ft (15 meters) high and has been used in the other countries mentioned as an ornamental symbol, the wood of this tree can and is used in Puerto Rico as a material for some furniture due to its durability of the wood.

The tree can grow in any terrain of this nation from acidic to alkaline soils, it is seen in better conditions on fertile soils with better drainage and depth since its roots can grow a lot.

maga tree in puerto rico
National Flower of Puerto Rico.

Needs and Care National Flower of Puerto Rico

It comes from the Maga tree, as we already mentioned, this plant needs to be located in areas where it can get heat and sunlight, considering that its roots are large and pivotal are not break soils or sidewalks, likewise in construction is avoided to use this type of trees although they can be very pleasing visually.

It could be said that this tree and its flower need certain care because although they can be located in areas where they can have plenty of sunlight, it requires sufficient hydration, it is not a very resistant plant to drought periods and it is not considered a plant of coastal areas.

National Flower of Puerto Rico: Maga Flower

The Maga flower is often confused in the same territory with the popular hibiscus flower, and if you notice, both are very similar in color and appearance, they are so similar that the same locals may call the national flower hibiscus or poppy instead of Maga or Maga flower, however, both belong to a different genus of plant.

Its most identifiable color is pink or intense red tone, similar to wine and in size can reach more than 6” (15 centimeters), it is said that you can see them with flowers in any month of the year as long as the tree is more than 5 years old, there are cases where the tree reaches 10 years and still, no flower is seen.

the national flower of puerto rico
The National Flower of Puerto Rico.

Different Uses for The Maga Flower

The wood may have become scarce after this tree was used for some types of crafts or furniture, while the larger trees ceased to exist its use was reduced, today very few ornaments or crafts are made with Maga tree wood although according to experts this was much easier to work.

The Maga tree wood was considered better than mahogany wood, so there are still possibilities of finding crafts or instruments made with Maga wood.

Where Do You Get This Flower?

The tree itself can be found all over the island, with greater prominence in the north and west side of the country, it is easy to recognize by its height and leaf type, the plant always remains green and has no growth rings.

The leaves are heart-shaped, smooth and the fruit is round with a thin tip, this fruit can be hard and fleshy but does not open when ripe, you can see many seeds which germinate only between June to November.

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