Yellow Leaves on Hibiscus – How to Fix – Easy Way

yellow leaves on hibiscus how to fix easy way

“My hibiscus has yellow leaves” or “Rose of Sharon leaves turning yellow“. These are frequent queries we receive and in this article, you will find the information to avoid this problem ever again. If you came to this article, it is because you saw yellow leaves on your hibiscus, isn’t it? First of all, you

How to Prune Meyer Lemon Tree – Ultimate Guide

how to prune meyer lemon tree ultimate guide

If you have a Meyer lemon tree at home, you probably have some questions about its care, how, and when to prune a lemon tree. In this article, we will explain how to prune a Meyer lemon tree and when to prune it. Also, we will review the different types of pruning. The lemon tree

How Often to Water Palm Plants – Care Guide

how often to water palm plants care guide

Palm trees are plants that like water very much. But they are not aquatic plants either, summer is the time when palm trees need water the most, many people always wonder how often to water palm plants and that is why you will learn everything in this article. There are many doubts about how often

How to Plant a Tree – Guide – Easy Steps

how to plant a tree guide easy steps

Planting a tree is one of the most important ecological steps you can take in your lifetime. In this guide, we will explain how to plant a tree and everything you need to know to make your tree grow properly. When to Plant a Tree It is always a good time to plant trees, as

When to Plant Grass Seed in Spring – Guide

when to plant grass seed in spring guide

Do you want to know the best time to plant grass in spring? Read this entire article and by the end of the reading, you will know when to plant grass seed in spring. Planting grass at the right time will ensure that it grows healthy, strong, and smooth. You’ll have the best grass in

Citron Plant – Complete Guide

citron complete guide

Citron is a citrus fruit, globular, yellow, with thick skin. It originates from the Himalayan region and has been cultivated since ancient times for its beneficial properties for the organism. Citrus medica From the genus “Citrus”, this fruit belongs to the family of Rutaceae, a group of citrus plants, the citrus. The citron was the

How to Propagate Lemongrass – Guide

how to propagate lemongrass guide

Lemongrass or citronella is an herbaceous plant that can be used both as an ornamental and as an aromatic plant. In both aspects, it is a plant with great possibilities and obviously, one use does not exclude the other. Cymbopogon citratus belongs to the Gramineae family. It is native to Southeast Asia, although it is

How to Plant Orange Seeds – Step by Step

how to plant orange seeds step by step

How to Plant Orange Seeds at home? Today we are going to learn how to obtain an orange tree from seed and be able to plant and grow it in a pot. How to Grow an Orange Tree from a Seed When germinating an orange we have to take into account that it should be

Japanese Maple Care Instructions

japanese maple care instructions

The Japanese maple is one of the undisputed stars of gardens, green spaces, and even balconies throughout the world. Its characteristic webbed leaves, which turn warm and striking shades of red in autumn, are its best known and most appreciated signature, which is why it is also often chosen to give life and charm to

Japanese Maple Pruning – Step by Step

japanese maple pruning

They are one of the most loved trees by plant lovers. Their leaves give that oriental touch that is so popular in gardens and, also, they do not need a lot of care. In this article, we will explain all about Japanese maple pruning successfully. Japanese maples, whose scientific name is Acer palmatum, are deciduous