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How to Grow a Peach Tree from a Pit – Step by Step

The scientific name of the peach tree is Prunus pérsica. A plant that is characterized by developing better in areas where they receive sun all day long. Trees that are not difficult to care for and easy to grow, and below we will tell you how to grow a peach tree from a pit.

When it comes to how to grow a peach tree from a pit, it should be mentioned that this crop can be started from the seed of any fruit, however, nothing can guarantee that your plant will be a fruit producer. It is for this reason that choosing a good seed, soaking, storing, and sowing the seed is important so that our peach plant can provide us with fruits. This is also because it takes about three years or more to harvest the fruit.

When to Plant Peach Trees?

The peach tree is a plant that needs 10 to 14 hours of sunlight and a temperate climate (Mediterranean and even subtropical). It needs very hot and dry summers; dry springs, without fog or rain; cool and temperate autumns; and cold and rainy winters. The characteristic of cold winters is also indispensable because the peach tree needs many hours of cold during the winter to have a correct induction and floral differentiation.

The maximum temperatures for the peach tree are about 10°F to 104°F (-12º C to 40º C). However, the optimum range is between 70°F to 80°F (21º C to 27º C). Peach trees also become resistant to extreme winter cold because they can enter a state of dormancy or lethargy. They can withstand, for short periods, temperatures that do not fall below 10°F (-12ºC). However, this resistance decreases when flowering approaches, especially when the fruit is in development, where the temperature should be 30°F (-1ºC).

when to plant peach trees

Soil for Peach Tree

An important point to keep in mind about how to plant peaches is that the soil should be deep and sandy. Preferably a loam or clay loam soil. Poor soil drainage can kill the roots of this tree during its growth, so it is important to plant it in well-drained soil.

The peach tree prefers a pH of 6.5, in case it is more acidic, organic compost, old lawn or manure can be applied daily so that the soil can nourish the peach tree. Sufficient would be a layer covering 16 to 20 ft (5 to 6 m) in diameter, with the main point being the base of the tree, at a depth of 4” to 5” (10 to 12 cm).

You should use a soil pH meter like the one we use that does not require batteries and also has two other functions. We leave you the link to the one we have and it works great for us (Order it here).

How to Grow a Peach Tree from a Pit Step by Step

Now we will explain how to grow a peach tree from a pit, follow these steps for the correct germination of the peach tree pit.

After consuming the fruit, the peach pit should be dried for a week to facilitate the removal of the protective seed coat. Once the week has passed, with the help of pliers you should break both ends of the pit, avoiding the center, since this is the place where the seed is located. You can also hammer the seed with the help of a hammer.

After the seeds have been left to dry for a week, they should be placed in a glass of water for 24 hours to rehydrate and swell.

Subsequently, about four seeds should be placed in a wet napkin to provide them with moisture.  The napkin, in turn, should be covered with aluminum foil to keep the seed in darkness.

Once the seeds are covered, the aluminum foil should be placed in the refrigerator, where the cold is moderate, not in the freezer where you get ice.  After 5 weeks, when you open the aluminum foil, you will find the germinated seeds.

how to grow a peach tree from a pit

Peach Tree from a Pit

Those seeds that have managed to germinate should be sown in a small pot. They should be introduced in such a way that the white root can be buried in the soil, but be careful not to break it.

It is left to grow for about 20 days in this pot, and then stay with the most vigorous plant. The moment to repot the most vigorous peach tree, to the ground or a larger pot, is when the plant measures about 10” (25 cm).

If you follow all the above-mentioned steps you will already know how to grow a peach tree from a pit.

Repotting a Peach Tree

If you are going to purchase an adult peach plant, it needs to be a healthy tree that is at least one year old and has an established root system. One thing to know about this crop is that a small tree with an established root system will grow better than a large tree without any established roots.

The peach crop is self-fruitful, which means that it can self-pollinate and produce its fruits. It is for this reason that it is not necessary to have more than one peach tree in your backyard.

Before planting a peach tree, some care should be done to the growing soil. This is done with the help of a rake and hoe to make the soil surface smooth, free of lumps and rocks.

It is highly recommended that the roots of the tree be soaked for six to twelve hours before planting in the final location.

Dig a hole in the soil that is large enough for the tree’s roots to spread comfortably. Finally, soak the area thoroughly after the sowing is complete, and be sure to keep the area free of weeds.

We hope that this article about how to grow a peach tree from a pit will be of great help and that you will have success with germination.

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repotting peach tree
Peach tree with flowers.

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