How to Care for Japanese Maple Bonsai – Guide

how to care for japanese maple bonsai guide

In this article, we will explain everything you need to know to properly care for your Japanese maple bonsai. The Japanese maple bonsai could be classified as medium-difficult to care for, but if you follow all the tips we will give you can always have it in perfect condition. The Acer genus belongs to the

How to Care for a Bonsai Tree – Care for Beginners

how to care for a bonsai tree care for beginners

This guide on bonsai tree care is made so that anyone can enter this wonderful world. It is a basic and complete guide at the same time since with this knowledge you will be able to start immediately with the bonsai tree. Literally, a bonsai means: “tray planting “. Despite what many nonhobbyists think, a

How to Care for Bonsai Azalea – Ultimate Guide

how to care for bonsai azalea ultimate guide

In this article, we will teach you everything you need to know about how to care for bonsai Azalea in the best way. The genus Rhododendron belongs to the family Ericaceae and is one of the largest genera in the plant kingdom. Its leaves are simple, alternate, and grouped at the tips of the branches,

How to Care for Bonsai Juniper – Ultimate Guide

how to care for bonsai juniper ultimate guide

The genus Juniperus belongs to the Cupressaceae family, which has about 60 species with more than 100 varieties. Its natural habitat is temperate and cold zones, from the tropical limit to the arctic polar circle. This is one of the few genera of dioecious conifers with male and female flowers, and the only one adapted

How to Prune Bonsai – Ultimate Guide

how to prune bonsai ultimate guide

How to prune bonsai, is an excellent idea, since this procedure should not be done lightly, it is important to take into account that bonsais have the particularity of being controlled in size by pruning their roots. However, it is essential the time or season in which it is done, they enter a resting stage