Hostas Landscaping Ideas (Garden Images)

landscaping ideas for hostas

Discover the transformative power of hostas landscaping ideas with our collection of inspiring and creative ways to incorporate these versatile plants into your shade garden. Our easy-to-maintain landscaping ideas for hostas highlight the best plants to pair with, showcasing their harmony and creating a lush, diverse garden design. Explore how hostas can effortlessly enhance your

Mosquito Repellent Plants Safe for Dogs

mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs

Discover the perfect mosquito repellent plants safe for dogs. Whether your garden basks in full sun or enjoys the cool shade, we’ve covered you with a range of dog-safe plants that fend off those pesky mosquitoes. From sun-soaked favorites with average water needs to shade-loving varieties that thrive on consistent moisture, find your perfect match

What to Plant in June: Vegetables, Flowers, Herbs and Fruits

what to plant in june vegetables flowers herbs and fruits

June has arrived, and it’s time to embrace the rhythm of the season and breathe new life into your garden. Wondering what to plant in June to create a vibrant and thriving oasis? Look no further! Our comprehensive guide has you covered on all fronts – from selecting the perfect vegetables and flowers to choosing

3-Season Perennial Garden Plans for Full-Sun and Shade

3 season perennial garden plans and layouts

Imagine stepping into a garden that bursts with color and life from the first blooms of spring to the final fall blossoms. A well-planned 3-season perennial garden can transform your outdoor space into a dynamic haven of beauty, offering year-round interest and enjoyment. However, crafting the perfect garden layout requires a thoughtful blend of plant

Perennial Garden Plans: Stunning Garden Designs Explained

perennial garden plans stunning garden designs explained

A perennial garden features plants that live for over two years, often blooming each season. These plants die back in winter and regrow from the same roots each spring. Planning a perennial garden involves considering plant characteristics, seasonal blooms, garden structure, and maintenance. Here’s a step-by-step guide to planning a good layout, inspiring ideas, and

What Plants Keep Wasps and Bees Away

10 plants to keep wasps and bees away

We all know that wasps and bees are essential for plants to be pollinated. Without pollination, there will be no seeds and, in some cases, no fruit, as in the case of cucumbers and tomatoes. But if you don’t want wasps and bees near your home, this article on what plants keep wasps and bees

Hosta Garden: Companion Plants for Hostas (and Plants to Avoid)

Welcome to our latest post on planning the perfect hosta garden! In this guide, we’ll delve into the world of companion planting to help you make informed decisions about which plants to grow alongside your beloved hostas. Discover the best companion plants that complement hostas beautifully, enhancing their beauty and creating a harmonious garden landscape.

10+ Shade Annuals: Plants and Flowers for a Stunning Garden

shade annuals flowers for a stunning garden

Unveil the splendor of shade gardening with these enchanting shade annuals! Delight in a symphony of colors and textures that flourish under the cool canopy of your garden’s shaded nooks. From delicate blossoms to verdant foliage, embark on a journey through the captivating realm of shade-loving annuals. These flowers thrive as annuals, offering vibrant blooms