Nymphaea tetragona and Nymphaea alba Water Lily – How to Plant Nymphaea Water Lily

Being an exotic plant, Nymphaea tetragona is usually used in various pond or pool decorations. However, it requires a very balance environment and several care tips such as constant sunlight, water free of contamination, right nutrients, and water pH, and it is recommended to remove the dry leaves from the water. In this article, learn …

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Zucchini Leaves Turning Yellow – Why Are The Leaves on My Zucchini Plant Turning Yellow

Zucchini leaves turning yellow may be a recurrent problem when growing zucchini. Yellow leaves on the zucchini plant can be caused by several different factors. Some common causes of zucchini yellowing leaves are related to water issues, nutrient deficiencies, and pests. To diagnose what causes yellow leaves on zucchinis you should take a look at …

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World’s largest plant of 200 Km2 in Australia – Australian Posidonia (Posidonia australis)

world's largest plant

Largest Plant Australia. The incredible accidental discovery of the world’s largest plant was discovered off the coast of Australia; with genetic testing, scientists found that a large seagrass meadow off the west coast is actually a single plant. In this article, learn about the World’s largest plant of 200 Km2 in Australia – Australian Posidonia …

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Cockspur Coral Tree (Erythrina crista-galli) – Care Guide

cockspur coral tree erythrina crista galli care guide

The Cockspur Coral Tree (Erythrina crista-galli) also known as Ceibo and Corticeira is a tree native to South America. In past times, it was more abundant and widely distributed throughout the continent. However, it is currently found in north-central Argentina, the Bolivian border, the Paraguay-Brazil borders, and much of Uruguay. There is a variety of …

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Dendrophylax lindenii – Polyrrhiza lindenii – Polyradicion lindenii – The Ghost Orchid

Dendrophylax lindenii Care Polyrrhiza lindenii, formerly Dendrophylax lindenii is also known as the Ghost Orchid. Although commonly known by its popular name Ghost Orchid, the Dendrophylax lindenii is an orchid is an endangered orchid, extremely difficult to grow outside of its native habitat, and has become popular since the award-winning film Adaptation (also known as …

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