Citrus Exocortis – Citrus Disease

citrus exocortis citrus disease

Description For Detecting Citrus Exocortis Disease Citrus Exocortis is very characteristic superficially. Its main distinction from the rest is the scales and vertical cracks that usually appear on the bark of the stem. Other cases of appearance have also been seen, such as yellow spots on the youngest shoots and dwarfing in more sensitive species. …

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How to Grow Swiss Chard Step by Step

how to grow swiss chard step by step

Its scientific name is Beta vulgaris L. var. cicla, Swiss chard is a plant native to Europe, widely cultivated in temperate zones around the world. Swiss chard has a tuberous root, unlike its native plant. Its leaves are light green and very large, while its stems are white, yellow, or red depending on the Swiss …

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Beneficial Insects For Garden – Garden Allies

beneficial insects for garden garden allies

When it comes to maintaining the health of the garden, many people automatically associate the presence of insects with the danger of pests. Although people tend to feel a certain rejection or apathy toward these animals, there is no need to rush to resort to insecticides. Throughout this article, you will learn everything about beneficial …

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