When to Harvest Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith apples are one of my favorite apples, these apples are the most popular green apples in the world. It is very important to know when to harvest Granny Smith apples because once harvested, apples do not continue to ripen off the tree like other fruits. That’s why, in this article, I will explain everything you need to know about when to harvest Granny Smith apples correctly and have great apples to eat.

The origin of the Granny Smith apple is in Australia, it owes its name to Thomas and Maria Ann Smith, a couple from the southeast of England dedicated to horticulture who moved to Sydney in 1838 for their knowledge in agricultural work, they were in the district of Ryde, which enjoyed good land for growing fruit.

Characteristics Granny Smith Apples

Granny Smith apples are completely green, a luminous green, although sometimes they may have pinkish skin. They have very striking white lenticels. The shape of this apple is rounded, and somewhat conical. The flesh is white, very crisp, juicy, and consistent and its flavor is very pleasant for those who appreciate that slightly acid touch and delicate aroma.

Granny Smith is one of the favorite apple varieties for making apple pie. Its acidic flavor is slightly pronounced with cooking but is softened by the syrup and the other ingredients with which it is made. They are very tasty in salads for the contrast it brings with their texture and acidity. Its contribution is completed by its characteristic virtue of oxidizing with greater difficulty than other varieties of apples.

characteristics granny smith apples
Granny Smith apples are one of the best-selling green apples in the world.

When to Harvest Granny Smith Apples

When to Harvest Granny Smith Apples? Granny smith apples are ready to harvest between late September and mid-October. But it is more difficult to know when the granny smith apple is fully ripe because it is green and its color does not change as much as in red apples, so it is easier to know the right time to harvest.

There are several ways to know when to harvest granny smith apples, one is to count the days since the apple tree blooms. Granny smith apples are usually fully mature after 160 to 180 days from bloom. You can also take an apple and cut it, if its interior is white, it is completely ripe, on the contrary, if it is still green it will lack ripeness.

The seeds of a fully ripe granny smith apple are brown, which is another sign of when to harvest granny smith apples. If you twist an apple on the tree, and it is ripe it will fall easily, to harvest a ripe apple you do not need to cut it from the tree.

There is also a more scientific test to know when to harvest a granny smith apple, it is an iodine test to know the amount of starch in the apple. In this article from the University of Virginia, they explain how to prepare the iodine solution for the starch-iodine test. Basically, when applying the iodine solution to the apple it will change color, if it is very dark it is not ripe yet. On the contrary, if the dark color of the iodine disappears, it means that the apple is completely ripe.

With any of these methods, you will be able to know when to harvest granny smith apples. Remember that an apple once harvested does not continue to ripen off the tree like other fruits, so it is important to harvest apples at the right time.

when to harvest granny smith apples
When to Pick Granny Smith Apples? Between late September and mid-October (Northern Hemisphere) you can pick Granny Smith apples.

How to Harvest Granny Smith Apples

How to Harvest Granny Smith Apples? Granny Smith apples are late harvested, so between late September and mid-October, you can harvest Granny Smith apples. Applying the above tips will help you know when Granny Smith apples are ripe for harvesting.

A ripe Granny Smith apple comes off the tree easily, it is not necessary to cut it or pull it with too much force. Ripe apples also tend to fall off the tree on their own, but it is not necessary to wait so long. To harvest Granny Smith apples more easily you can use a fruit picker, it will facilitate the task of harvesting.

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Do not rinse Granny Smith apples for storage. Place them in the refrigerator separate from other fruits and vegetables. Apples release ethylene gas and will cause other fruits and vegetables to go bad faster. You should also prepare a pie filling with your Granny Smith apples and then freeze it. In the freezer, the filling can last up to 8 months.

We hope you found this article on when to harvest Granny Smith apples beneficial. We recommend our article about when to prune apple trees.

how to harvest granny smith apples
How to Pick Granny Smith Apples? Once the Granny Smith apples are fully ripe, you can use a fruit picker to more easily pick Granny Smith apples.
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