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When to Harvest Anaheim Peppers

Anaheim peppers originated in New Mexico and from there found their way to Anaheim, California, where they are widely grown. Anaheim peppers typically have a Scoville hotness index ranging from 500 to 2,500 units on the Scoville scale. Peppers can be more than 6” (15 cm) long and during the season discolor from green to red. Continue reading to learn how and when to harvest Anaheim peppers.

Anaheim is an easy plant with a good yield of peppers that can be harvested after about 70 to 90 days. Because of its medium heat, it is used for various purposes. Anaheim peppers can be eaten both green and red (they are a little hotter when they become red). Normally Anaheim peppers are harvested in late summer and early fall.

When to Harvest Anaheim Peppers

When to Harvest Anaheim Peppers? Anaheim peppers are harvested when they are between 6″ to 10″ (15 to 25 cm) long. Also, to know if Anaheim peppers are ready to be harvested you can check the color, days to maturity, and the firmness of the skin of the peppers.

Anaheim peppers normally take 70 to 90 days to reach maturity. These days of maturity are not counting the days it took for the seed to germinate. By this, I mean that once you plant your seedling of Anaheim peppers you should wait at least 70 days to harvest the first peppers.

Anaheim peppers will change from green to yellow and finally red. You can harvest Anaheim peppers when they are green, and they will be less hot. When the Anaheim peppers are red, they will be hotter. Taste all peppers to differentiate the hotness of each at different stages of ripening.

Another useful method for determining whether Anaheim peppers are ready for picking is to check for firmness. To accomplish this, softly press the pepper with your fingertips, taking care not to harm it. When the pepper is firm to the touch, it indicates that it is time to pick it. Anaheim peppers that are too delicate to the touch are not yet mature and require additional time to develop.

when to harvest anaheim peppers
When to Harvest Anaheim Peppers? Anaheim peppers can be harvested either green or red. Green Anaheim peppers are milder and red peppers are hotter.

When to Pick Anaheim Peppers

When to Pick Anaheim Peppers? Anaheim peppers are usually ready to pick when they have grown to a size of around 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm) in length. Consider your flavor preference. If you prefer milder peppers, you can pick Anaheim peppers when they are green. If you prefer a slightly sweeter and spicier taste, you can leave them on the plant longer until they turn red before picking.

Keep an eye on the weather conditions in your area. If frost is expected, it is important to pick the Anaheim peppers before the frost arrives to prevent damage to the fruit. After picking, you can use the Anaheim peppers in your cooking right away, store them in the refrigerator for a short period, or consider freezing or drying them for longer-term preservation.

When are Anaheim Peppers Ready to Pick

When are Anaheim Peppers Ready to Pick? Anaheim peppers are usually ready to pick when they have grown to a length of about 6 to 8 inches (15 to 20 cm). Most gardeners pick Anaheim peppers when they are green, that is the time when these peppers are a little less hot.

Gently squeeze the Anaheim peppers. A ripe Anaheim pepper should feel firm and slightly taut. If it feels soft or flexible, it might need more time on the plant to mature further.

when are anaheim peppers ready to pick
When are Anaheim Peppers Ready to Pick? Anaheim peppers are typically picked when they are still green.

How to Harvest Anaheim Peppers

How to Harvest Anaheim Peppers? Harvesting Anaheim peppers is very easy, just be sure not to damage the plant when harvesting because not all peppers will be ripe at the same time. Use shears or pruning shears to harvest Anaheim peppers and never pull them off the plant.

Disinfect tools before and after harvesting peppers to avoid diseases in the Anaheim pepper plant. You can disinfect tools with alcohol. Then select the Anaheim pepper you wish to harvest. Leave a small stem on the peppers for better preservation.

Be sure to pick Anaheim peppers promptly when they reach maturity, as doing so will stimulate the plant to generate more peppers. I recommend only washing them if you are going to consume them after harvest. If you wish to store Anaheim peppers, wipe them with a cloth and store them in the refrigerator.

How Many Anaheim Peppers Does a Plant Produce

How Many Anaheim Peppers Does a Plant Produce? Because of their significant dimensions, each plant typically yields approximately 4 to 8 Anaheim peppers concurrently, and throughout the season, you can expect to gather about 20 to 40 Anaheim peppers from each plant.

However, the exact number of Anaheim peppers that a plant produces can vary depending on factors such as growing conditions, care, and genetics. I recommend applying fertilizer during the growth stage of Anaheim peppers to favor the development of the plant and fruits.

how many anaheim peppers does a plant produce
How Many Anaheim Peppers Does a Plant Produce? A single Anaheim peppers plant can produce between 20 and 40 peppers.

Final Conclusions

In conclusion, you can harvest both green and red Anaheim peppers for consumption. As they mature, they may turn a red or brown color and become hotter in flavor. It’s best to harvest them regularly, once they reach the desired size and color, to encourage more fruit production.

With proper harvesting and care, Anaheim pepper plants can produce a bountiful crop of delicious peppers throughout the growing season. If you love peppers I recommend you to read our article on how to grow bell peppers.

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